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Online Game to Promote Collaborative Learning

Supported by the Knowledge Transfer Project Fund of the Knowledge Transfer Office, the Centre for the Advancement of Information Technology in Education (CAITE) has conducted a project titled 'Promoting Junior Secondary Students' Motivation and Skills in Issue-enquiry through Inter-school Game-based Collaborative Learning' in the 2012–13 academic year.

Under the project, students from 20 secondary schools took part in CAITE's online game-based virtual learning platform, LearningVillages (LV), to pursue collaborative issue-enquiry in the three learning areas of liberal studies—self and personal development; society and culture; and science, technology and the environment. During the school year, not only did the participating students advance their collaborative and enquiry abilities, the teachers involved also gained concrete pedagogical experience in co-facilitating inter-school issue-enquiry activities. To disseminate the pedagogical ideas promoted in this project to the community, LV and the students' collaborative learning artefacts were showcased in three major exhibitions.