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Fish Fillet and Tuna Sandwich

Fried fish often comes with French fries. But at the Coffee Corner of the Benjamin Franklin Centre, it’s got a new partner—tuna salad. The students seem to like the couple very much, hailing it as the most delicious sandwich on campus on the CUHK Open Rice Facebook page.

What makes the sandwich special is the contrast of textures and flavours. Dipped in batter and fried, the fish is fresh, hot and crispy on the outside. The tuna salad, by contrast, is cold and soft, binding the filling to the bread. With just one bite, you can fulfil a double obsession. A tip for those going to try the sandwich—ask for toasted bread; it’s more delicious.

Mr. Lam Leung-ming, operator of the cafe, said the fish used is sole and it’s fried to order to retain freshness. Only a limited number of this sandwich is on offer everyday, so go early.