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Integrated Therapy Eases Urinary Tract Dysfunction

From left: Prof. Wong Lai-hung Grace, associate professor, Department of Medicine and Therapeutics; Dr. Tam Yuk-him, consultant, Division of Paediatric Surgery and Paediatric Urology and Prof. Ng Chi-fai Anthony, professor, Division of Urology of the Department of Surgery at CUHK and Co-Directors of Youth Urological Treatment Centre, revealing the effectiveness of integrated anti-inflammatory

In 2011, the Department of Surgery established the Youth Urological Treatment Centre (YUTC), with funding from the Beat Drugs Fund and support from the Hospital Authority. In less than two years, YUTC has provided urological assessment and treatment to over 300 young ketamine abusers suffering from urinary tract dysfunction. A recent study conducted by the centre reveals that over 70% of these patients, after receiving non-invasive investigation and an integrated anti-inflammatory therapy with oral medications, showed significant improvement in urological function.  However, the study also reveals that over 40% of the patients had abnormal liver function, some of which even suffering from bile duct injury and liver fibrosis.

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