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New Device for Detecting Light in the Mid-infrared Spectral Region

Prof. Tsang Hon-ki (left front row), chairman; Prof. Xu Jian-bin (right, front row), professor, and
Dr. Cheng Zhenzhou, postdoctoral research fellow, Department of Electronic Engineering

Prof. Tsang Hon-ki and Prof. Xu Jian-bin and their research team of the Department of Electronic Engineering have successfully constructed a new device for detecting light in the mid-infrared (mid-IR) spectral region. This groundbreaking work is expected to enable a new generation of high efficiency, low cost, and highly integrated mid-IR detectors which proceeds to the applications of mid-IR spectroscopy in environmental and biomedical engineering. The chemical spectroscopy can detect trace concentrations (parts per billion) of gases for enormous applications, such as air pollution monitoring and analysis of human breath for disease markers. The research results have been published in the 16 September issue of Nature Photonics.

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