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Seal of the Vice-Chancellor

Front elevation: Inscription in the clerical style of the Han Dynasty
Inscriptions and imprint
Side elevation: Showing a dragon riding the clouds, the name of the engraver and the year the seal was made, 1964. On 9 September 1964, Dr. Choh-ming Li, founding Vice-Chancellor, was presented the seal by Sir David Trench, then Governor of Hong Kong
Side elevation: The University motto, bowen yueli, in Chinese bronze inscription

At the official installation of a new Vice-Chancellor, an official seal is presented to the Vice-Chancellor. As the seal is encased, it has almost never been seen by members of the public. Designed and engraved by the late Mr. Chao Ho-chin, former part-time lecturer of New Asia College, the artifact bears the Chinese inscription 'seal of the Vice-Chancellor of The Chinese University of Hong Kong', written in the clerical style of the Qin Dynasty. The 1.6 kg seal cast in bronze has a knob carved in the shape of a feng, the mythical phoenix, and measures 5.2 x 5.2 x 10.5 cm. In fact, the seal is but an emblem of the Vice-Chancellor's authority and as such, its imprint has never graced any official document of the University.