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Morning Coffee

To some Americans, their morning coffee works like energy booster. While the sun also rises at CUHK and Morningside College at its eastern end is one of the places on campus to receive its first rays, a Morning coffee can be consumed any time of the day at Caffé Liscio there, unhurriedly and to lesser utilitarian purposes.

The coffee here never lets you down, in terms of quality and quantity. The temperature is always right, erring as it seldom does, only on the high side. The depth of its flavour is second to none on campus, and its robustness can either wake you up or calm you down. The décor makes room for a reflective moment with oneself or relaxed time in company. Needless to say, its setting makes it a perfect place to sip some coffee and welcome in a new day, be you a student or a member of the staff.

Oh, be forewarned that you have to order your coffee or other snacks in English. But the lady behind the counter, the one with the sunny smile, is always very helpful and friendly.