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Poetry Manuscript by 'Xiao Si'

Prof. Lo Wai-luen (Photo by Nick Kwok)

Renowned writer and educator Prof. Lo Wai-luen (alias Xiao Si) was one of CUHK's first batch of graduates who graduated from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of New Asia College in 1964.

In 1962, Professor Lo, who was a Year 2 student, and other students of New Asia College responded to senior lecturer Mr. Tseng Ke-tuan's call for submission of poetry by composing some 40 poems of different topics. In her poem 'Hua Xia' (China), Professor Lo depicts the vicissitudes of modern Chinese history, including the invasion by Western powers, the outbreak of the 1911 Revolution, and the Warlord Era. At the end of the poem, she laments the fate of China. The edited poem was published in New Asia Life, The Chinese Student Weekly, and several newspapers.

The manuscript of the poem is now on display in the University Gallery.