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What's Waffle

A haven of tranquility for urban dwellers, dessert shops have been mushrooming downtown in recent years. The trend seems to have spread to our campus. Situated in a valley overlooking scenic Tolo Harbour, Cafe Tolo of Lee Woo Sing College opened last summer, serving a dozen desserts. Among them, 'What's Waffle' distinguishes itself by its hot and cold combination. The sweet dish is made on demand hence customers have to wait 15 to 20 minutes. Topped with chocolate and sprinkled with icing sugar, three pieces of warm waffles are served with a small bowl of strawberries, blueberries and diced dragon fruit, as well as a scoop of chocolate, strawberry or vanilla ice-cream. The outlook of the dish is almost as appealing as its taste.

It is said that sugar can stimulate endorphin secretion and produce a sense of well-being. No wonder having dessert at Cafe Tolo, surrounded by green hills and a harbour, will make your happiness soar.