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The Chung Chi College Bronze Bell

The bronze ringing bell of the Chung Chi College
The bell hanging on the Teaching Block Two of Chung Chi College (red ring)

This bronze ringing bell measuring 28 cm in height and 29 cm in diameter was hung on the Teaching Block Two of Chung Chi College from the 1950s to 1960s. This precious bell on loan from the College is now on display at the University Gallery.

In the early days of the Chinese University, Chung Chi College, New Asia College, and United College told students when classes started and ended by ringing bells. Chung Chi College and United College used wall-mounted bronze bells, while New Asia College used hand bells. With the increase in student population and the growing number of classrooms on campus, traditional bells were not loud enough to be heard everywhere. They were gradually replaced by electric bells. However, the loud sound of electric bells caused a lot of complaints from staff and students. Today the University no longer uses bells to signal the beginning and end of classes.