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Editor's Note

University intellectuals have a solemn mission to disseminate knowledge, to instil values, to counsel, and to honour their social responsibilities. For those intellectuals residing on campus, that mission is on them 24/7. There are teachers who have been hostel wardens for over 20 years and treat the resident students as their own offspring. There are teachers who forgo the air-conditioned comfort of their offices and bring students to faraway lands to help local communities. The interviews of Prof. Cheung Yuet-wah and Prof. Clement So, and the inaugural lecture of Prof. Edward Ng, Yao Ling Sun Professor of Architecture, allow us a glimpse into the hearts of these CUHK teachers.

Young people accepted for studies by universities are usually among the best in their age group. But Li Yi who was admitted to CUHK at age 13 claims he is not smart. How is that so? ‘Viva Voce’ will show you via text and video what the youngster thinks.

The Stage has launched a delectable afternoon tea set with tea pairing. From weak to strong, savoury to sweet, there’s a logic to tea drinking, as it is in teaching.


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'In primary 4, my class teacher encouraged us to apply for the "High Ability Class" of Beijing No. 8 High School. Fortunately, I was accepted after three rounds of exams and a week of trial classes.'

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