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Arrangement for the Seventy-sixth Congregation

The Seventy-sixth Congregation for the Conferment of Degrees will be held at 10 am on 20 November at the University Mall. Dr. Vincent Cheng, Chairman of the Council, will confer first and master's degrees. Prof. Joseph Sung, Vice-Chancellor and President, will officiate at the Inauguration of the Choh-Ming Li Professorships and present awards for teaching and research excellence.

The graduation ceremonies held by the seven Colleges for first-degree graduates will take place in the afternoon of 20 November. The schedule of the ceremonies is as follows:

First-degree Graduation Ceremonies Held by Seven Colleges




Guest of Honour


12‭ ‬nn–2:15‭ ‬pm

Sir Run Run Shaw Hall

Mr. Wilson Fung Wing-yip
Executive Director, Corporate Development,
Hong Kong Airport Authority


12‭ ‬nn–2:30‭ ‬pm

Dining Hall, Maurice R. Greenberg Building

Prof. Sir James Mirrlees
Master, Morningside College

New Asia

1:30‭ ‬pm–3:15‭ ‬pm

University Mall

Prof. Ip Wing Huen
Vice Chancellor, University System of Taiwan

S.H‭. ‬Ho

2:00‭ ‬pm–3:45‭ ‬pm

Ho Sin Hang Hall

Dr. Anthony Francis Neoh, QC, SC

Lee Woo Sing

2:00‭ ‬pm–4:00‭ ‬pm

Lee Woo Sing College

Dr. Lee Woo-sing
College Patron, Lee Woo Sing College and Chairman, Grand Finance Group

Chung Chi

2:00‭ ‬pm–4:30‭ ‬pm

Chung Chi College Chapel

Mr. Norman Chan Tak-lam, GBS, JP
Chief Executive, Hong Kong Monetary Authority


3:30‭ ‬pm–5:45‭ ‬pm

Sir Run Run Shaw Hall

Miss Janet Wong
Commissioner for Innovation and Technology

The master's degree graduation ceremonies will be held on 21 and 22 November in eight sessions:

Master's Degree Graduation Ceremonies




Guest of Honour

Session 1
(for Faculty of Arts)

10 am–12 nn

University Mall

Dr. Wong Kwai-lam
Chairman, IncitAdv Consultants Ltd

Session 2
(for Faculty of Science)

11 am–12 nn

Sir Run Run Shaw Hall

Prof. Stephen Cheung Yan-leung
President and Chair Professor of Public
Policy, The Hong Kong Institute of Education

Session 3
(for Faculty of Engineering)

2 pm–3:30 pm

Sir Run Run Shaw Hall

Mr. Alfred Lin
Director, Mitex (Holdings) Ltd

Session 4
(for Faculty of Social Science)

3 pm–5:30 pm

University Mall

Mr. Tang Wai-kong Leslie
Commissioner for Census and Statistics, HKSAR

Session 5
(for Faculty of Education)

10 am–11:30 am

Sir Run Run Shaw Hall

Prof. Chung Sheung-chee Sydney
Senior Consultant in Surgery, Union Hospital

Session 6
(for Faculty of Business Administration)

10 am–12:15 pm

University Mall

Mr. Tse Kam-keung
Senior Advisor, Asia Pacific State Street
Bank and Trust Company and Adjunct
Professor of the Department of Finance, CUHK

Session 7
(for Faculty of Medicine)

3 pm–4:45 pm

University Mall

Dr. Hung Chi-tim
Cluster Chief Executive, New Territories East Cluster, Hospital Authority

Session 8
(for Faculty of Law)

3 pm–4 pm

Sir Run Run Shaw Hall

Mr. Wong Yan-lung, SC


The car park opposite Sir Run Run Shaw Hall, to be used as a seating area for graduates, will be temporarily closed from 1 to 30 November for the erection of a canopy for the ceremony. Car parks at the Benjamin Franklin Centre, John Fulton Centre, University Administration Building, Institute of Chinese Studies and Tin Ka Ping Building will be reserved for guests with special parking labels on 20 November.

Suspension of Classes

On 20 November, full-time undergraduate classes (except MB ChB Programme Years 3–5) and postgraduate programmes classes will be suspended.

Temporary Closure of BFC Canteen

The Benjamin Franklin Centre student canteen will be closed on 20 November from 7:30 am to 1:30 pm for the tea reception after the congregation.

Wet Weather Contingency

In the event of heavy rain, the University will launch a wet weather contingency plan. Details will be broadcast at the University MTR Station and the University Mall, and announced at the entrances of the University and on the congregation website on the day.


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