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Editor's Note

In this day and age, work and study no longer follow a fixed order. Students seek employment opportunities, while those in the workforce look to further their studies. Steve Jobs famously subverted the study-work order when he built the world's first commercial PC in his home garage at 21, before going on to found Apple.

Not all students wishing to start their own companies are Steve Jobs, but their dreams and ambitions are still worth supporting. In Hong Kong, where land is scarce, a space of a size comparable to Jobs's garage, technical and administrative support, and a creative atmosphere are a dream combination for such students, a combination that has materialized at the Chinese University. This issue will introduce the Pi Centre (Pre-incubation Centre) and student entrepreneur Tsang Ka-chun will share his experience.

Failures may outnumber successes along the entrepreneurial path, but life's journey has many other scenarios in store. In a talk in late October, actress and film director Sylvia Chang talked about how she gulped down failure like a glass of milk.


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