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Predicting Children's Math Achievement

Prof. David C. Geary, Curators' Professor and Thomas Jefferson Professor of Psychology and Interdisciplinary Neuroscience, University of Missouri, US, was invited to visit United College from 22 to 28 October, as the College's Distinguished Visiting Scholar in 2014–15.

Professor Geary is a notable cognitive developmental and evolutionary psychologist with interests in mathematical learning and sex differences. In the lecture, 'Early Predictors of Mathematics Achievement and Achievement Growth', he talked about the studies which include kindergarten to ninth grade and preschool to first grade longitudinal investigations of the cognitive underpinnings of children's mathematical learning and risk of learning disability. Professor Geary also covered the study to determine the preschool quantitative knowledge that predicts first-grade numeral knowledge. He gave another lecture on 'Evolution of Trait Vulnerability'. The lecture recordings will be uploaded to iTunes U later.


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