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Year 1 Textbook Philosophy of Life, Chung Chi College (1955)

The tradition of CUHK's general education can be traced to its three founding Colleges. In 1951, when Chung Chi College was established, its founders launched the programme, 'Philosophy of Life'. Bishop R.O. Hall was invited to be the keynote speaker. Throughout their four-year undergraduate studies in the College, students had to take a series of courses in which they explored and discussed life from various perspectives, including Chinese and Western, scientific and historical, and Christian. Chung Chi's course on 'Philosophy of Life', New Asia's 'General History of China', and United's general education programme ushered in general education of the Chinese University.

The Year 1 Textbook Philosophy of Life, translated by Mr. Lee Shiu-keung and Mr. N.Z. Zia, is now on display in the University Gallery, courtesy of Chung Chi College.


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