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Honouring Outstanding Teaching and Research

Also held at the 76th Congregation were the inauguration of the Choh-Ming Li Professorships and the outstanding teachers and researchers awards ceremony. Please refer to the lists below for details.

Choh-Ming Li Professors

  • Prof. Vernon N. Hsu, Choh-Ming Li Professor of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics
  • Prof. Hui King-man Michael, Choh-Ming Li Professor of Marketing
  • Prof. Leung Kwok, Choh-Ming Li Professor of Management
  • Prof. Ching Pak-chung, Choh-Ming Li Professor of Electronic Engineering
  • Prof. Huang Jie, Choh-Ming Li Professor of Mechanical and Automation Engineering
  • Prof. Lui Chi-shing John, Choh-Ming Li Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
  • Prof. Wong Wing-shing, Choh-Ming Li Professor of Information Engineering
  • Prof. Chiu Wai-kwun Rossa, Choh-Ming Li Professor of Chemical Pathology
  • Prof. Fok Tai-fai, Choh-Ming Li Professor of Paediatrics
  • Prof. Lan Hui-yao, Choh-Ming Li Professor of Biomedical Sciences
  • Prof. Jiang Liwen, Choh-Ming Li Professor of Life Sciences
  • Prof. Xia Keqing, Choh-Ming Li Professor of Physics
  • Prof. Chiu Chi-yue, Choh-Ming Li Professor of Psychology

University Education Award 2014

  • Prof. Lee Wing-yan Vivian, Faculty of Medicine
  • Prof. Ngai Sek-yum Steven, Faculty of Social Science

Vice-Chancellor's Exemplary Teaching Award 2013

  • Prof. Ho Che-wah, Faculty of Arts
  • Dr. Ku Kei-tat Fred, Faculty of Business Administration
  • Dr. Luk Sau-ha Sarah, Faculty of Education
  • Prof. So Man-cho Anthony, Faculty of Engineering
  • Prof. Stephen Hall, Faculty of Law
  • Prof. Cheng Hon-ki Christopher, Faculty of Medicine
  • Prof. Poon Wai-yin, Faculty of Science
  • Prof. To Siu-ming, Faculty of Social Science

Young Researcher Award 2013

  • Prof. Puk Wing-kin, Faculty of Arts
  • Prof. Zhou Xiang Sean, Faculty of Business Administration
  • Prof. Ng Fei-yin Florrie, Faculty of Education
  • Prof. Chen Minghua, Faculty of Engineering
  • Prof. Michael Ramsden, Faculty of Law
  • Prof. Ng Siew-chien, Faculty of Medicine
  • Prof. Ngai To, Faculty of Science
  • Prof. Chan Chi-ho Wallace, Faculty of Social Science

Postgraduate Research Output Award 2013

  • Dr. Li Lin, Faculty of Arts
  • Ms. Wen Shanshan, Faculty of Business Administration
  • Dr. John O'Reilly, Faculty of Education
  • Dr. Cheng Zhenzhou, Faculty of Engineering
  • Dr. Danny Friedmann, Faculty of Law
  • Dr. Li Qian, Faculty of Medicine
  • Dr. Shen Jinbo, Faculty of Science
  • Dr. Chan Ka-shing Kevin, Faculty of Social Science


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