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Editor's Note

The Newsletter interviewed Prof. Yu Kwang-chung when he visited the University recently. He was full of praise for our campus, saying it most ideal for poetry writing. The Chinese University campus has occupied this hillside for half a century. This issue will show you the latest aerial pictures of our beautiful campus.

As the University expands and buildings grow in number, its changing appearance makes us wonder whether the outward changes are accompanied by inward ones. Whatever the answer, it's certainly a topic worth contemplation. The day this Newsletter was sent to the printer happened to coincide with the I‧CARE Programme—Blossoms of Life Floral Festival held at Lake Ad Excellentiam. The festival features a richness of cultural and natural landscapes unique to CUHK.

Whatever our views of the present compared to the past, we can't help but noticing the passage of time. In today's highly digitized office, pen and paper have almost vanished. H., when presented with an old document by a younger staff, waxes lyrical about the past but, atypically, does not offer any advice. If this foggy spring weather puts you in the mood, why not pick up a pen and scribble a few lines to your friends and loved ones?


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