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Family-Friendly Leave Amendments

According to the Employment (Amendment) Ordinance 2014, eligible male employees who have completed not less than 40 weeks' service under a continuous contract shall be able to enjoy three days of statutory paternity leave with pay in respect of the birth of a child on/after 27 February 2015. Whilst the University's existing provision of paternity leave (five days on a full pay basis) excels the statutory level, some adjustments are introduced in accordance with the statutory provisions. In this connection, the University has also taken the opportunity to review the service requirement required of the provision of adoption leave and bereavement leave. The major revisions are as follows:


Current service requirement

Revised service requirement

Paternity leave and adoption leave

At least one year's fulltime continuous service

40 weeks' full-time continuous service

Bereavement leave

At least one year's fulltime continuous service

In full-time service,
i.e., minimum length of service not required

For details, please refer to the Personnel Circular No. 1/2015 and the Staff Handbook.


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