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Splashing in the Sea of Lines

The SimGarden (a set of five), 2015, ink on paper, 130 x 80 cm
The SimGarden (detail)
The SimGarden (detail)
The SimGarden (detail)

In this work The SimGarden, Mr. Chan Kwan-lok, new graduates of the Department of Fine Arts, uses the techniques of baimiao (line drawing) to express his love of swimming and depict water- and ocean-related themes. Colour is secondary in this work. Mr. Chan’s skillful use of ink lines, which roll up and down with dynamics and rhythms, inviting viewers to experience the change of volume and spatial depth.

The SimGarden has been awarded the Grotto Fine Art Award. It is on display together with other 28 works by the new graduates of the same department at the Art Museum of CUHK until 28 June 2015.


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