In Plain View

The Big Bang of Plant Vacuoles—Jiang Liwen rewrites the first chapters in plant biology

What's Bred in the Bone…Comes Out in Wisdom

The Fruit Cracker──How Silin Zhong decodes fruition in nature

Swordsmen of the Screen

An Eagle Eye for Smart Diagnoses

Glimpses of Truth through Graphs and Charts

The Scorching Truth

A Bastion of Bilingualism

From Prosecuting to Peacekeeping

Small Gadget Big Steps

PMS Helps Stroke Patients Regain Upper Limb Mobility

Zero Tolerance for Re-bleeding──James Lau’s Quest to Perfect Endoscopic Surgery

Bean for the Future

The Mysterious Case of Combating Pollution in China

The Joys and Anxieties of a Humanities Education

Before a Star is Born: The Quest of Hua-bai Li for the Origin of the Stars

May Your Flora Flourish in My Inner Garden

Who Will Take Charge? School Principals' Promotability and Eligibility

Traditional Print Media: the spider or the fly?

When God's Wrath Visits: The Science of Earthquakes

DDoS Attacks: A Powerful Cyber-war Tool

The Janus Faces of Moral Dilemmas: How a Philosopher Looks at Ethical Issues in Life or Death

A Quest for Clean Fuel

Growing Soybeans Worth Their Salt

The Conflicted Lives of Asian Urban Women

We Are What We Eat—An Anthropological Angle on Foodways

The Map Is More Than the Territory

The Complex Laws of Nature, Simply Stated

Locating the Building Blocks of Literacy

Microrobot—The Surgeon inside the Body

Tracing the Ghost Particles Back to Our Origin

The Butterfly Effect: Network Coding Trumps Routing

Breaking the Language Barrier with Human-Machine Interaction: Computer-aided Translation

Where Social Behaviour Meets Computing Systems

The Road Less Travelled: Unconventional Protein Secretion in Plants

Mindfulness—that Mysterious Pathway to the Mind

Finding Cure for Diabetic Foot in Ancient Chinese Wisdom

Dismantling Time-bombs in the Brain

A Clearer Window to Health Hazards

Everyone is a Good Reasoner and a Reveler

Tracking down the Culprit that Rocks the Boat

Still Harping on the Higgs?

Civil Servants' Manual from 2,200 Years Ago: Bamboo Slips of the Qin Dynasty

From Fogginess to Clarity—Say Goodbye to Blurry Photos

Mass Media in the Internet Age: New Media and Visual Action Research

RFID Systems: 'Résumés' for Products

Understanding the Dialect: Cantonese Grammatical Studies

Mindful Steps to Mental Health

Footprints on the Net: From Artificial Intelligence to Data Mining

Possibly, Probably, Maybe

The Burden of Nerve Cells: Mysteries of Congenital Megacolon

Keeping Sea Fish in Fresh Water: Amazing Marine Science Research

Laws in Beauty: the Magic of Maths

Antidote to Chronic Illness—Herbal Medications and Tumours

Chinese and Western Medicine: Friends or Foes?

Studying Fish in Troubled Waters

In Rarefied Air: Unlocking Tibetans' Genetic Secret

Move Upwards/往上