Mar 2014
U-shaped entrance court of CW Chu College

Two New Colleges

Two of the University's new colleges, Wu Yee Sun College and CW Chu College, are dynamic and sustainable hubs that uphold the pillars of the University's Campus Master Plan (CMP). The CMP is a document that provides for the sustainable long-term development of the University. Some of its main features include the enhancement of college life through the formation of distinct neighbourhoods, encouraging walking on campus, and conserving places of value.

CW Chu College

A site adjacent to Area 39, where CW Chu College is now situated, had been chosen over a previous one on a tree-lined slope. As a result, a massive amount of money for levelling works was saved and all the trees that otherwise would have been felled were preserved. Area 39 was a remote point on the campus at the time but it no longer is, thanks in a large part to the College whose very presence created a social and logistics hub. The design and layout of the College are also harmoniously merged with the surroundings and show them to optimal effect.

A roomy deck on the second floor of CW Chu College

Clever Use of Space

The site of CW Chu College is only the size of two tennis courts but it's hard to believe that when you're inside. Features such as the embracing, U-shaped court at the entrance, the roomy green deck on the second floor, wide building setback, low building height, and clever use of glass panes, all contribute to a feeling of spaciousness. Student activity areas are generous and efficient with a lot of interwoven shared spaces.

The building's facade is charcoal grey with white and beige highlights which help it blend into the campus landscape. Natural stone is used on the ground level as a solid base to contrast against the soft surrounding foliage.

Walking and Cycling

The College is the only site near the MTR station that doesn't have a slope. There are school buses going there of course, but a leisurely walk to the train station takes only 20 minutes. It also makes full use of the bicycle trail. There are a total of 44 bicycle racks at the College and their use has been higher than originally expected.

Students relaxing at CW Chu College

A Sustainable Hub

The College is fitted with energy-saving features. These include an electric meter to monitor electricity usage in every single room and another one for each floor, a heat recovery unit in the dining hall's steam cabinet to pre-heat water. Provisions have also been made for the installation of a food decomposer.

The dining facilities at the College are frequented by the 400 staff and students from the CUHK Centralized General Research Lab Complex nearby. Interestingly, the dining hall can easily be converted into a multi-purpose hall for holding conferences and special events. The College also has five well-appointed guest rooms for receiving the University's visitors.

Wu Yee Sun College

Wu Yee Sun College with excellent views of Tolo Harbour is located on a scenic slope next to Shaw College. The College has preserved and incorporated the old Staff Common Room, better known as the Guest House, into its planning and construction according to the CMP's principle of concerning places of value. The said building (c.1973) has been renovated into a students' amenities centre with gym, cafe and dance studio. It sits in a cloistered courtyard embraced by the U-shaped hostel building, and connects to the podium via footbridges and staircases at various levels. Also located in the courtyard is an amphitheatre with outdoor seating. This is where the College's large-scale student activities are held. The landscape design features a swirl-like pattern to emphasize the centrality of the courtyard.

Lobby of Wu Yee Sun College
A serene corner of Wu Yee Sun College

Walking Made Easy

The College is designed to encourage walking. Major facilities around the courtyard are connected by means of staircases and bridges. There is a feature staircase linking the ground, upper ground and first floors, that is visible from the entrance, as well as staircases next to hostel lift lobbies.


Natural lighting and ventilation are maximized where possible, as is exposure to beautiful natural vistas by means of angular windows in hostel bedrooms, gardens and balconies. A roof garden sits atop each of the two towers of the College which features solar panels for heating water, as well as planters to be used for organic farming by the students. A food decomposer will be installed in the kitchen to make compost that can be used for farming.


The Sustainable Campus e-newsletter is published by the Information Services Office and the Campus Planning and Sustainability Office, CUHK.