24 Feb to 11 Mar - Recycle your red packets and green tips for using them

22 Jan 2015

Lai-see collection box

Poster source: Greeners Action

According to the estimates of the NGO Greeners Action, Hong Kongers use approximately 180 million lai see packets every year, meaning that roughly 9,000 trees are felled to provide the paper for a product that is often intended for one-time use. Yet, there are actions we can take to use lai see packets in a more eco-friendly way. The University has signed the Greeners Action’s Charter on “Eco-Friendly Lai See Packets” and pledged to support more eco-friendly use of lai sees. We encourage students and staff to support in the following ways:

1. Adopt actions to reduce the use of lai see packets and facilitate reuse (please refer to ‘Notes’)

2. Reuse lai see packets from last year: recycled lai see packets, provided by Greeners Action, are available from the Campus Planning and Sustainability Office (Room 328, Pi Ch’iu Building). Interested staff and students may call Ms. Eliza Mok at 39433924 to reserve them.

3. Recycle lai see packets for next year: Four lai see collection boxes will be available on campus from 24 February – 11 March for students/staff to drop off used lai see packets after the Lunar New Year holiday. Lai see packets collected will be recycled for use in 2016. Last year, Greeners Action collected 13 tons of lai see packets (approximately 1 million packets) to be reused this year.

Locations of Lai See Packet Collection Boxes (collection period: 24 February – 11 March)

- 1/F, Yasumoto International Academic Park
- G/F, Lobby of Benjamin Franklin Centre
- 7/F, Mong Man Wai Building, entrance from New Asia College
- User Area, 1/F, Pi Ch’iu Building


Simple actions we can take to make a difference:

- Reduce the number of lai see packets to be printed and distributed, if any
- Choose smaller lai see packets with simpler designs
- Avoid lai see packets with self-seal adhesives as they are harder to reuse/recycle; choose reusable ones sealed by inserting a flap into a slit
- Retain and reuse lai see packets whenever appropriate

For offices printing their own lai see packets:

- Avoid printing text or graphics that show the current year, a zodiac animal or any specific name on lai see packets, thus enabling reuse of the packets
- Print lai see packets with recycled paper and with reusable design (flap and slit)
- Provide information on lai see recycling (e.g. the collection locations) to staff, clients / customers
- Encourage staff, clients / customers to use recycled lai sees (if available from your institution)

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