Duties of OCDA

Listed below are the duties of OCDA

The OCD Administrator (OCDA) should be responsible for maintaining a reasonably updated database of contact information of the staff members in his/her department/office/unit which will appear in the Online Contact Directory (OCD).

To comply with the privacy law in Hong Kong, the OCDA should request new staff member whose contact information has not been included in the printed version of Contact Directory 2010 in his/her department/office/unit to sign a consent form authorising the display of such data in the OCD.

The OCDA should not enter any contact information of a staff member in the OCD without consent. The OCDA should keep a record of all the consent forms. Where a staff member has revoked consent for displaying his/her contact information in the OCD, the OCDA should immediately remove such information from the OCD.
The OCDA should make the best endeavours to ensure the accuracy of the contact information in his/her control. He/she should also notify the Information Services Office of any change in the name of the department/office/unit and/or any re-organisation thereof and cause the corresponding changes to be made in the database.
The head of a department/office/unit should notify the Information Services Office of any change in the appointment of OCDA in his/her department/office/unit as soon as is practicable.
Useful forms

OCDA Nomination / Removal Form

OCD Staff Consent Form

OCD Non-staff Consent Form

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