Annual Report 2017–18

大學校董會報告 Report of the Council  11 未來發展及展望 Future Development and Prospects 2017至18年度為2016至19年三年撥款期的 第二年,年內大學推行其目標及策略,成效 甚彰。緊接的2018至19年度,大學將受益於 香港特區政府頒布的多項措施,如注資二百 億港元於研究資助局的研究基金,並以其 投資收入資助研究項目及本地研究生;出資 三十億港元成立研究配對補助金計劃;撥出 二十五億港元推行第八輪配對補助金計劃, 以及以一百億港元成立宿舍發展基金,而該 基金將支持中大於未來十年興建六幢宿舍 大樓。中央政府容許香港研究人員向國家申 請資助進行科技研究項目,不但使香港研究 基建更穩固,也加深香港和大灣區等內地 區域的科研合作。 教育而言,大學推出兩個供本科生選修的全 新通識課程,一是引導學生認識和分析當 今世界困境的「21世紀全球公民的重大挑 戰」,二是幫助學生培養良好習慣的「豐盛 人生:正向心理的理論與實踐」。 《香港中文大學策略計劃2016 – 2020》列出 中國研究、轉化醫學、資訊與自動科技、環 境與持續發展為四大研究範疇,並在此基礎 上,與海外合作夥伴組成跨學科研究隊伍, 依據智慧城市、健康老化、機械人等香港特 區政府訂出的主要科技發展方針,共同應付 急在眉睫的社會問題。 The current reporting period is the second year of the UGC’s 2016– 19 triennial planning cycle, and we have made very satisfactory achievements in connection with the University’s implementation of the objectives and strategies. The next reporting period of 2018–19 will be an exciting time for the University, as we capitalize on a number of most welcomed initiatives announced by the HKSAR Government, including the injection of HK$20 billion into the Research Endowment Fund of the Research Grants Council, to generate more investment income to finance research projects and studentships for local research postgraduates; HK$3 billion to establish a Research Matching Grant Scheme; HK$2.5 billion to launch the Eighth Matching Grant Scheme and more than HK$10 billion to establish a Hostel Development Fund which, in the case of CUHK, will enable us to have six hostels built in the next decade. The new policy of the Central Government that enables academic researchers based in Hong Kong to apply for state funding for science and technology projects will further enhance our research infrastructure and achievements to scale new heights, as well as foster deeper research collaboration between Hong Kong and the Mainland, especially the Greater Bay Area. In education, our undergraduate curriculum is further enhanced with the introduction of two general education courses, ‘Grand Challenges for Global Citizens in the 21st Century’ that will guide students in identifying and analyzing some of the most pressing challenges the world is facing today, and ‘Live to Flourish: the Science and Practice of Positive Psychology’ to help students develop new life-enhancing habits for a more positive outlook on life. In the Strategic Plan 2016–2020 , we have focused on four major research areas: China Studies, Translational Biomedicine, Information & Automation Technology, and Environment & Sustainability, which will provide us with a platform to build multidisciplinary teams internally and with our international strategic partners to address some of the key issues facing humanity globally, especially in the development of three key technological platforms identified by the HKSAR Government, namely, Smart City, Healthy Ageing and Robotics.