Annual Report 2017–18

目錄 Contents  2 校長前言 Foreword by the Vice-Chancellor and President  4 大學校董會報告 Report of the Council 14 教育:開闊視野 拓展未來 Education: Broadening the Mind to Open Up a World of Possibilities 22 研究:精研探微 格物知新 Research: Exceeding the Limits of Today for a New Tomorrow 38 連繫社群:眾擎易舉 黽勉同心 Community Outreach and Engagement: Joining Hands and Hearts to Make a Change 52 管理與行政 Governance and Administration 54 大學校董會成員更替 Movements of Council Members 55 2017至18年度大學主管及高級人員 University Officers and Senior Staff 2017–18 57 2017至18年度研究所所長 Directors of Research Institutes 2017–18 59 大學校董會成員履歷簡述 Brief Biographies of Council Members 74 大學校董會屬下委員會職能簡述 Brief Descriptions of Council Committees 76 大學校董會屬下委員會成員 Membership of Council Committees 78 2017至18年度大學校董會成員出席會議紀錄 Attendance Record of Council Members in 2017–18 81 重要合約聲明 Statement of Contract of Significance 82 財務概況 Finance 88 附錄 Appendices 90 學生與畢業生數字 Students and Graduates 92 獎學金及經濟資助 Scholarships and Financial Aid for Students 93 教職員人數 Number of Staff 94 研究資助及成果 Research Funding and Output 95 圖書館統計數字 Library Statistics 96 捐贈者芳名錄 List of Donors 99 校友 Alumni