Annual Report 2017–18

管理與行政 Governance and Administration  75 The Committee on Institutional Advancement helps to review and advise the Council on the formulation and implementation of strategies and policies related to institutional advancement of the University, and the governance related thereto, to cultivate a philanthropic culture among the major stakeholders, and to promote and coordinate the programmes and activities on matters related to institutional advancement. The Committee is required to submit periodic reports to the Council through the Vice-Chancellor on the donations/grants made to the University, and take any follow-up actions assigned by the Council and/or referred by the Vice-Chancellor. 大學校董會執行委員會 Executive Committee of the Council 大學校董會執行委員會獲大學校董會授權,代表大學校 董會處理大學日常事務,及就大學校董會討論的策略性 事宜向大學校董會/主席提出意見,並向大學校董會就大 學校董會及其屬下委員會的空缺提出填補建議。該委員 會亦會處理大學校董會不時提交的事宜及向大學校董會 報告其獲授權處理的所有事務。 The Executive Committee of the Council is entrusted to deal with routine matters on behalf of the Council, advise the Council/Chairman of the Council on any strategic matters that may be discussed at the Council, and to recommend to the Council on the filling of any vacancies on the Council and Council committees. It also deals with any matters that are referred by the Council from time to time and reports back to the Council on all matters handled under delegated authority. 財務委員會 Finance Committee 財務委員會依據《香港中文大學條例》成立及按規定處 理凡屬大學校董會管轄範圍內而又在財務方面有重大關 連之事宜。 The Finance Committee, as a statutory committee of the Council, deals with all matters within the jurisdiction of the Council which have important financial implications. 榮譽學位委員會 Honorary Degrees Committee 榮譽學位委員會負責就頒授榮譽博士學位事宜向大學校 董會作出推薦。 The Honorary Degrees Committee is responsible for recommending the award of Honorary Degrees to the Council. 榮譽院士委員會 Honorary Fellowship Committee 榮譽院士委員會負責向大學校董會推薦榮譽院士的人選。 The Honorary Fellowship Committee is responsible for recommending to the Council candidates for the Honorary Fellowship. 風險管理委員會 Risk Management Committee 風險管理委員會負責制訂及檢討由大學校董會通過的風 險管理政策;監察及協調所有活動,旨在識別、評估及緩 減可能削弱或有利大學教育、研究、知識轉移及社區參與 之風險;制訂大學的風險管控表,並最少每年向大學校董 會報告。 The Risk Management Committee is responsible for formulating and keeping under review a risk management policy for approval by the Council, overseeing and coordinating all activities aimed at identifying, assessing and mitigating risks that may adversely or beneficially affect the University’s ability to achieve its objectives in education, research, knowledge transfer and community engagement, and developing a risk register at institutional level for report to the Council, at least annually. 教職員服務規則委員會 Terms of Service Committee 教職員服務規則委員會負責檢討薪酬水平等一般服務條 件,並向大學校董會提出建議;此外,該委員會也根據校 長或大學校董會指示,檢討個別教職員薪酬之事宜。 The Terms of Service Committee is responsible for reviewing and recommending to the Council general conditions of service including levels of remuneration, and reviewing on matters concerning the remuneration of any individual member of staff referred to it by the Vice-Chancellor or the Council. 大學投標管理委員會 University Tender Board 大學投標管理委員會負責審議經大學校園發展處所建議 各工程項目的標書,並就有關事宜向校長提供意見。 The University Tender Board is responsible for considering tenders for capital projects recommended by the Campus Development Office, and advising the Vice- Chancellor thereon.