Annual Report 2019–20

社會責任 Civic Responsibilities 45 預防新冠肺炎益生菌組合配方 醫學院利用大數據分析及機器學習,研 發益生菌組合配方,紓緩腸道微生態失 衡的問題。醫學院發現新冠肺炎患者腸 道內缺乏一系列益生菌,而該益生菌組 合配方將有助提高免疫力,預防新冠肺 炎及其他病毒感染。 Probiotic Formula to Prevent COVID-19 By using big data analysis and machine learning, the Faculty of Medicine developed a probiotic formula that addresses imbalance in gut microbiota (dysbiosis). The Faculty of Medicine discovered that a series of good bacteria is missing in the gut of COVID-19 patients. The probiotic formula is expected to boost immunity against COVID-19 and other viral infections.