Annual Report 2020–21

114 香港中文大學年報 CUHK Annual Report 2020–2021 awards 總金額 (以百萬港元為單位) Total amount (in millions of HK dollars) 獎項數目 Number of 21 本校頒發之經濟 資助 # University Financial Aid# 110 政府助學金 Government Grants 103 政府貸款 Government Loans 167 本校頒發之 獎學金 * University Scholarships * 3 政府住宿及境外 交流津貼 Government Hostel and Exchange Subsidies 2,556 2,518 380 2,540 7,881 ^ 獎學金及經濟資助 Scholarships and Financial Aid for Students 2020至21年度獎學金及經濟資助 Scholarships and Financial Aid 2020–21 * 包括由入學及學生資助處、書院及其他學系和部門發給學生的獎學金和各種獎項 Including scholarships, awards and prizes distributed through the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid (OAFA), Colleges and other academic/administrative units ^ 不包括榮譽獎 Excluding honorary awards # 包括由入學及學生資助處、書院及其他學系和部門發給學生的助學金、貸款、學生工讀計劃及其他資助 Including bursaries, loans, awards under student campus work schemes and other subsidies distributed through OAFA, Colleges and other academic/administrative units 附錄 Appendix 2