Annual Report 2021–22

100 香港中文大學年報 CUHK Annual Report 2021–2022 大學校董會屬下委員會職能簡述 Functions of Council Committees 大學校董會共有十一個向其負責的常設委員會, 其職能簡述如下︰ There are 11 standing committees accountable to the Council, the functions of which are summarised below: 行政與計劃委員會 Administrative and Planning Committee 行政與計劃委員會依據《香港中文大學條例》成 立,協助校長執行其職責,提出大學發展計劃,協助 校長審核與統籌大學經常及資本開支的年度預算及 補充預算。該委員會亦按《香港中文大學條例》規 定,審核或建議某些職級之聘任,並處理大學校董 會提交該委員會處理的其他事宜。 The Administrative and Planning Committee is a statutory committee established to assist the Vice- Chancellor in the performance of his duties, to initiate plans of University development, and to assist the Vice-Chancellor in reviewing and coordinating the annual and supplementary estimates of recurrent and capital expenditures of the University. The Committee reviews or proposes certain academic and administrative appointments as stipulated in the Statute before these appointments are made. It also deals with other matters referred to it by the Council. 審核委員會 Audit Committee 審核委員會審議大學核數師之聘任、核數師收費及 相關事項,檢閱《大學年報》及周年財務報表,按大 學校董會的合理要求,對大學所呈交校董會的財政 資料及財務報表之可靠性,和大學及其附屬體系對 所須遵守的全部法例條文及其他規則,提交所需額 外保證。該會亦負責與大學核數師商討其審核工作 的一般步驟及範圍,檢視大學核數師的查核情況說 明書與大學管理層的回應,檢視內部審核處的工作 計劃,以保證內部審核與獨立核數師的協調,以及 承擔大學校董會不時委託的其他有關工作。 The Audit Committee considers the appointment of the external auditors, the audit fee and any other related issues, and reviews the Annual Report and Financial Statements of the University. The Committee offers to the Council such additional assurance as it may reasonably require of the reliability of financial information submitted to it and of financial statements issued by the University, as well as the compliance by the University and its subordinated bodies with all statutes and other regulations to which they are subject. The Committee is also responsible for discussing with the University’s auditors the general approach to and scope of their audits, reviewing the external auditor’s management letter and University management’s responses, and reviewing the internal audit plan and ensuring coordination between internal and external auditors. It shall undertake such other related tasks as the Council may from time to time entrust to it.