Annual Report 2021–22

大學校董會報告 Report of the Council 63 目標及策略 Objectives and Strategy To be acknowledged locally, nationally and internationally as a first-class comprehensive research university whose bilingual and multicultural dimensions of student education, scholarly output and contribution to the community consistently meet standards of excellence. 香港中文大學(中大)將遵行以下的使命及願景,作為大學的目 標,並制訂適切的發展策略: The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) has adopted the following Mission and Vision statements which will continue to guide the University as its institutional objectives in renewing the development strategy: 我們的使命 Our Mission 在各個學科領域,全面綜合地進行教學 與研究,提供公共服務,致力於保存、創 造、應用及傳播知識,以滿足香港、全中 國,以至世界各地人民的需要,並為人類 的福祉作出貢獻。 我們的願景 Our Vision 努力成為香港、全國及國際公認的第一流 研究型綜合大學,並使我校建立於雙語及 跨文化傳統的學生教育、學術成果及社會 貢獻,均保持在卓越水平。 To assist in the preservation, creation, application and dissemination of knowledge by teaching, research and public service in a comprehensive range of disciplines, thereby serving the needs and enhancing the well-being of the citizens of Hong Kong, China as a whole, and the wider world community.