Annual Report 1997-98

accreditation i s als o retrospectiv e an d applicabl e t o th e first batc h o f graduate s i n 1997 . 2. I n the are a o f technolog y transfer , Jasmin e & ANSeRS , a softwar e platfor m develope d b y th e Departmen t o f Information Engineering , wa s license d t o a numbe r o f high-tech companie s for us e o n commercia l we b sites . Montage, a n extensiv e multimedi a databas e management system develope d b y th e Departmen t o f Computer Scienc e an d Computer Engineering , wa s licenced fo r us e i n th e commercia l a s wel l a s th e tertiary educatio n sectors , Th e Artificia l Intelligenc e Crime Analysi s an d Managemen t System , develope d b y the Departmen t o f System s Engineerin g an d Engineering Management , ha s als o bee n adopte d b y the Hon g Kon g Polic e Forc e i n crim e investigation , 3. Fou r importan t laboratorie s wer e establishe d t o facilitate teaching, learnin g an d researc h activitie s relate d t o state-of-the-art technology ; th e Advance d Robotic s Laboratory an d th e Microsyste m Laborator y a t th e Department o f Mechanica l an d Automatio n Engineering , the Laborator y fo r Enterpris e Managemen t System s and th e Laborator y fo r Knowledg e Engineerin g a t th e Department o f System s Engineerin g an d Engineerin g Management. 4. A n agreemen t wa s reache d betwee n th e Departmen t of Informatio n Engineerin g an d th e Schoo l o f Tele - communication Engineerin g o f Xidia n Universit y t o promote collaboratio n i n researc h o n communicatio n network, wireles s communication , an d informatio n processing. 5. A Joint laborator y wa s establishe d b y th e Shangha i Institute o f Metallurg y o f th e Chines e Academ y o f Sciences, th e CUH K Departmen t o f Electroni c Engineering, an d th e University' s Material s Scienc e and Technolog y Researc h Centr e t o promot e frontie r research i n io n bea m synthesi s an d application s an d vacuum technology. event 人工智能罪案分析及管理系統一瞥 A glimps e o f th e Artificia l Intelligenc e Crim e Analysis an d Managemen t Syste m The Chinese University of Hong Kong Annual Report Academic Development 29