Annual Report 1997-98

—Es t ab l i shment o f a bioinformatics centr e (Department of Biochemistry) —De v e l o pme nt o f Manufacturin g Protocol s fo r Improved Productio n o f Standardize d Qualit y Mu s h r oom Nutriceuticals f r o m Ganode rm a lucidu m (Department of Biology) —Preclinical an d Clinica l Validatio n o f Fructu s Crataeg i and Gree n Te a i n Lowerin g Bloo d Lipid s (Department of Biochemistry) —D i s c o v e ry o f Traditiona l Chines e Medicin e (TCM) - Derived Saponin s wit h Anti-tumou r an d Cardiotoni c Activities fo r Us e a s Healt h Foo d Supplement s o f Therapeutics (Department of Biochemistry) events —N o v el Fas t Respons e Polymer s an d Thei r Biomedica l Applications (Department of Chemistry) —De v e l o pme nt o f Over-the-Counte r Pharmaceutica l Products Base d o n Loca l Medicina l Plant s (Faculty of Science) 4. Th e Departmen t o f Biochemistr y establishe d Hon g Kong's firs t bioinformatic s centr e t o provid e th e technology an d technica l expertis e require d fo r c omp u t er analyse s relate d t o molecula r biology . 5, Th e facult y continue d t o p r omo t e scienc e educatio n vi a popular scienc e talk s an d a facult y newspape r Reach targetted a t secondar y schoo l students . The Chinese Universityof Hong Kong Annual Report Academic Development 33 An agreemen t bein g signe d wit h th e Tun g Wa h Group o f Hospitals t o promot e Chines e medicin e educatio n an d researc h