Annual Report 1997-98

傑•出•研•究 Outstanding Research Project 理學院 Facu l ty of Science 由化學系吳奇敎授主持的「聚電解質凝膠的结構、動態及其動力 學」研究計劃,獲研究資助局評為「卓越」級研究。研究結果 顯示該種凝膠可能具有重大的生物醫療應用潛力,因而又獲工業 支援基金援助,以便開發有關科技。該項科技正申請專利。 The researc h o n 'Structure , Dynamic s an d Kinetic s o f Poly - electrolyte Gel ' conducte d b y Prof . Ch i W u o f th e Department o f Chemistr y ha s bee n rate d 'excellent ' b y th e Research Grant s Council . Researc h result s poin t t o th e great potentia l o f th e ge l i n biomedical applicatio n an d have le d t o a gran t fro m th e Industrial Suppor t Fun d fo r the furthe r developmen t o f the techology in VO Ived. A n application ha s bee n file d for a patent ofr the technolog y. 聚電解質凝膠(箭咀顯示)把老鼠腿一條斷裂的神經連接起來 The polyelectrolyt e ge l (indicate d b y the arrow ) connecting a broken nerv e in a rat's le g