Annual Report 2001–02

香樹輝先生 (自二零零二年六月十三日起; 由新亞書院校董會選任) Mr. Heung Shu-fai (from 13th June 2002; elected by the Board of Trustees of New Asia College) 年內獲選任之大學主管人員 University Officer Elected During the Year 文學院院長 Dean of Arts 羅炳良敎授 (自二零零一年八月一日起) Prof. Daniel P.L. Law (from 1st August 2001) 卸任大學校董 Outgoing Council Members 大學向六位卸任大學校董致謝: A vote of thanks to six outgoing Council members: 李卓予敎授 (二零零一年七月三十一日卸任) Prof. C.Y. Lee (membership ended on 31st July 2001) 洗為堅博士 (二零零一年十月十七日卸任) Dr. David W.K. Sin (membership ended on 17th October 2001) 蔡永業敎授 (二零零一年十二月三日辭世) Prof. G.H. Choa (deceased on 3rd December 2001) 馮國培敎授 (由一九九九年八月一日至二零零二年三月三十一日; 由逸夫書院院務委員會選任) Prof. Fung Kwok-pui (from 1st August 1999 to 31st March 2002; elected by the Assembly of Fellows of Shaw College) 陶學祁博士 (二零零二年五月二十八日辭世) Dr. Edwin H.C. Tao (deceased on 28th May 2002) 劉兆佳敎授 (二零零二年七月四日起辭任) Prof. Lau Siu-kai (resigned from 4th July 2002) l e a d e r s h i p e v o l u t i o n 領導層嬗變 11