Annual Report 2001–02

研究 Research 引言 作為一所硏究型綜合大學,香港中文大學致力追求 敎硏的卓越,校內置有國際水準的科硏設施。 中大七個學院及其屬下學系的成員,是硏究工作的 中堅。而硏究院自一九六六年成立以來,不斷發展 硏究生課程,在培育硏究人才和推動科硏兩方面都 擔當吃重的角色。 校內又設有十個硏究所,提供各式硏究設備,旨在 促進各專科和跨學科的硏究工作。各院系及硏究所 更下設硏究中心,就專精範圍進行深入探究。 大學的硏究委員會專責分配內部硏究撥款,並評估 硏究計劃,推薦合適項目申請校外硏究資助。 研究經費 大學的科硏基礎經費由大學敎育資助委員會(簡稱 敎資會)直接提供,而硏究項目則主要由硏究資助 局資助。中大於二零零一至二零零二年度共獲硏究 資助局撥款一億一千多萬港元。 繼一九九九年獲得敎資會支持兩個卓越學科領域 後,中大敎硏人員今年再獲敎資會劃撥二千五百萬 港元,開展「中醫中藥硏究及發展」卓越學科領 域,另參與「藥物發現及合成的分子科技」卓越學 科領域的硏究工作。 無論從硏究資助金額或成功獲取撥款的項目總數來 衡量,中大在申請政府及私人機構的硏究資助上, 表現同樣出色。二零零一至二零零二年度,本校便 Introduction As a comprehensive research university, The Chinese University of Hong Kong strives for excellence in teaching and research. Its efforts in this direction are supported by world-class facilities. The University's seven faculties and their departments provide the basic infrastructure for research. Founded in 1966, the Graduate School also plays an important role in nurturing original and exploratory research through its postgraduate study programmes. Interdisciplinary research is promoted by 10 major research institutes, each with its own distinctive mission, and smaller research centres/units set up under the auspices of different faculties and departments. The Research Committee is one of the main bodies responsible for distributing research funds to internal units. It is also charged with evaluating and recommending project proposals for external grant applications. Research Funding The University's research infrastructure is directly funded by the University Grants Committee (UGC), while research projects are supported by the Research Grants Council (RGC). For the year 2001-2, CUHK received over HK$112 million from the RGC for research purposes. In addition to securing UGC support for two Areas of Excellence (AoE) projects in 1999, the University managed to obtain during the year HK$25 million from the UGC for a new AoE project on Chinese Medicine Research and Further Development. The University is also one of the 硏究 r e s e a r c h 36