Annual Report 2005–06

52 傑 出 研 究 計 劃 Outstanding Research Project 這 計劃由教育學院教育行政與政策學系孔繁盛教授統籌,香港 教育研究所提供協助,香港貿易發展局資助,目的是評估香 港教育服務往外拓展的潛力,這是首個該類型的調查計劃。 研究著重從內地學生、家長及老師的角度,探索香港高等教育的優 勢,包括國際因素、中華文化和香港因素。研究並且提出了香港高等 教育往國內拓展的重要成功因素,包括可與國際接軌、具優秀學術水 平、享質素保證、香港定立了正確的教育遠景、拓展教育服務與香港 的服務相等,以及香港學者的積極參與。 計劃建議香港高等教育非本地學生的配額應大幅提升至百分之二 十,而他們的簽證亦應得到放寬。教育統籌局及立法會對建議均抱 正面態度。研究報告已刊登於香港貿易發展局出版的《向內地拓展 香港高等教育》一書中。 The project ‘Export Potential of Hong Kong’s Education Services’, was headed by Prof. Hung Fan-sing of the Department of Educational Administration and Policy, with the support of the Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research and funded by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC). It was the first ever project to investigate the export potential of Hong Kong higher education to Mainland China. The research investigated the strengths of Hong Kong higher education from the viewpoints of Mainland students, parents and teachers, in terms of three important elements – the international component, Chinese culture, and the Hong Kong factor. The research also identified critical success factors for exports of Hong Kong higher education to the Mainland. The study’s recommendations that the quota of non-local students in higher education in Hong Kong be raised substantially to 20% and that visa requirements be relaxed have received positive response from the Education and Manpower Bureau and support from the Legislative Council. A report was published for public circulation by HKTDC in a book entitled Exporting Higher Education Services to the Chinese Mainland: The Hong Kong Advantages . 於上海的國內學生正蒐集海外高等教育的資料 Chinese students seeking information on overseas higher education opportunities at an international education institution in Shanghai Export Potential of Hong Kong’s Education Services 香港教育服務往外拓展的潛力