Annual Report 2005–06

校園發展與環境保護 Campus Development and Environmental Protection 91 by Cheng Shiu Bun ·落實多種回收計劃,例如:乾淨膠袋回收、充電 池、光碟、舊衣、書本、玩具及慈善回收計劃。 大學盡可能在建造或拆卸工程中減少廢物,或將物 料循環再用。為了方便廢物分類,承建商須提交廢 物處理計劃書,言明工地減少廢物及分類方法。負 責部門嚴格監察承建商,督促他們依照所定計劃 處理廢物。此外,工地監督職員會小心檢查載運記 錄,務求建造及拆卸工程所產廢物得到妥善處理。 用水及排水 二零零五年,大學共用水一百二十八萬四千立方公 尺。為了減少耗水量,各建築物繼續推行節約用水 措施,例如在洗手間安裝自動開關水龍頭,並張貼 告示,提醒使用者切勿浪費食水。大學亦舉辦研討 會、工作坊及比賽等,鼓勵員生節約用水。大學亦清 除了未圓湖的污泥,並安裝自動水閘,挖深湖底,使 容量增加二千六百立方公尺,現在每天有七百立方 公尺湖水供沖廁、灌溉及冷卻空調系統之用。 野生動植物保護 校園的自然環境非常珍貴,為了保護野生動植物以 及這些動植物自然生長的地方,大學採取了以下措 施: ·每年種植喬木逾三百株、灌木約一萬株、顯花植 物一萬株、做地被的小植物等幾千株,以及青草 超過五千平方公尺,盡量綠化環境; ·在校友徑栽種本土植物,拓展野生環境; ·盡量減少使用農藥,執行綠化政策,監測現存樹 木及稀有品種的情況; ·保護屋簷下的褐雨燕巢。 溝通及推廣 要保護校園環境,必須得在大學校園內經營的承 建商、分包商及供應商通力合作。大學為了和教職 員、學生以及關注環保人士溝通無礙,特設環保熱 線、網頁和電子郵箱,發放並交流環保訊息。二零 零五年,總共收到十宗環保問題投訴,主要涉及建 築和翻新工程引起的灰塵飛揚以及噪音問題,全部 都已妥善處理。 大學為推廣環保意識,籌辦了不少教育和宣傳活 動,如開辦多項課程,向本科生和研究生灌輸環保 知識。此外,大學亦廣邀世界各地學者和專家蒞 校,主持演講及交流環保心得。 Water Usage and Discharge In 2005, the University consumed 1,284,000 m 3 of water. To minimize water consumption, we continued our efforts to reduce water wastage in our administrative and academic buildings. For example, automatic cut- off taps were installed in restrooms and reminders to use less water were posted. Seminars, workshops and competitions on water conservation were held. In addition, the University removed the sludge from Wei Yuan Lake and installed an automatic water-gate, deepening the lake to increase its capacity by 2,600 m 3 so that 700 m 3 of lake water can be used per day for flushing, irrigation and air-conditioning. Conservation of Environment and Wildlife The University spares no effort to protect its campus and conserve the wildlife inhabiting it. Measures adopted include: • Planting over 300 trees, about 10,000 shrubs and 10,000 floral plants, thousands of ground cover plants and over 5,000 square metres of grass annually; • Enhancing wildlife along the Alumni Trail by planting native species; • Minimizing the use of pesticides and implementing the Green Policy to monitor existing trees and rare species; and • Protecting swallows’ nests under the eaves. Communication with Stakeholders To ensure effective communication with staff, students and interested parties, an environmental hotline, a webpage and an electronic mailbox have been set up to release information on environmental protection issues. In 2005, 10 environmental complaints were received, mostly about dust emission and noise caused by construction and renovation work. All cases were properly handled. The University aims to promote environmental awareness among staff, students, their families and the community through education, campaigns and publicity. A wide range of courses and forums on the environment are offered to students and the public.