Annual Report 2006–07

66 教職員 STAFF Staff Population The University’s staff population increased by 7.2% to 5,975 in 2006– 07. The increased number includes mainly teaching, research and administrative staff. There were a total of 1,290 teaching staff members, with about 61% aged between 30 and 50. Members of the teaching faculty came from all over the world, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the US, the UK, and other Southeast Asian and European countries. Staff Profile A total of 98 new academic appointees joined the University in the year under review. Among them, five renowned academicians took up chair professorships at the University, namely, Prof. Shun Kwong-loi, Professor of Philosophy; Prof. Wong Kwok-pun Laurence, Professor of Translation; Prof. Law Shing-keung, Professor of Management; Prof. Cho Chi-hin, Professor of Pharmacology; and Prof. Lee Hon-leung Vincent, Professor of Pharmacy. There were also new leadership appointments made, viz., Prof. Andrew Curtis, Director of the English Language Teaching Unit; Mr. Ng Shu-pui Eric, Director of Registry Services; and Mr. Cho Wing-keung Tommy, Director, Information Services Office. Besides, the University appointed Prof. Louis J. Ignarro, a distinguished biochemist and Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine, as Honorary Professor of Medicine, and Prof. Ma Songde, Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, as Honorary Professor of the Faculty of Engineering. Prof. Lawrence J. Lau, Vice-Chancellor and President of the University, was named Ralph and Claire Landau Professor of Economics in May 2007. Recruitment To prepare for the reversion to a four-year normative curriculum from 2012 and the anticipated increase in academic strength, the University carried out a searching exercise for appointments to professorships ઠᓻ ࡗ Ɂᅕ 二零零六至零七年度,大學全職教職員總人數為 五千九百七十五人,較去年增加百分之七點二, 增加的主要為教學、研究和行政職級人員。 教學人員有一千二百九十人,約百分之六十一年 齡介乎三十至五十歲之間。教學人員來自世界各 地,包括澳洲、加拿大、新西蘭、英國、美國, 以及其他東南亞和歐洲國家。 ઠᓻ ࡗ ลؗ 是年度共有九十八名教師加盟大學,其中五位知 名學者應聘為講座教授,包括哲學講座教授信廣 來教授、翻譯學講座教授黃國彬教授、管理學講 座教授羅勝強教授、藥理學講座教授曹之憲教 授,以及藥劑學講座教授李漢良教授。此外,柯 諳迪教授獲聘為英語教學單位主任,吳樹培先生 和曹永強先生分別獲聘任為教務處處長及資訊處 高級主任,領導有關部門。 著名生物化學家及諾貝爾生理/醫學獎得主路易 斯 ‧ 歇拿奴應聘為醫學榮譽講座教授,國家科學技 術部副部長馬頌德教授則受聘為工程學院榮譽教 授。 大學校長劉遵義教授於二零零七年五月獲冠名為 藍饒富暨藍凱麗經濟學講座教授。 ׃າ 為配合將於二零一二年實施的四年制本科課程, 以及預期增加的教學人員,大學積極展開招聘工 作,延攬不同學科的講座教授級人才。同時,大 學校董會通過遴選和委任學院院長的新指引和 程序。