Annual Report 2008–09

45 研 究 Research 文學院 Faculty of Arts 工商管理學院 Faculty of Business Administration 「全球化:文化、建制與社會經濟」國際會議 ‘International Conference on Globalization: Cultures, Institutions and Socioeconomics’ 中大人類學系、文化及宗教研究系和經濟學系,聯同美國聖路易華盛頓大學東亞研究 課程及經濟學系,於二零零八年十二月合辦「全球化:文化、建制與社會經濟」國際會 議,透過檢視全球化的前因後果,促進跨學科及跨文化的學者對話,刺激對大中華球 化進程效應的綜合研究。會議亦衍生了不少論及全球化對大中華法律體制、城市、文 化承傳、環境、公民權及勞工等方面影響的論文。 In December 2008, the ‘International Conference on Globalization: Cultures, Institutions and Socioeconomics’ was jointly organized by the University’s Departments of Anthropology, Cultural and Religious Studies, Economics and the East Asia Studies Program and the Department of Economics of Washington University in St. Louis. The conference studied the causes and consequences of globalization, with the aim of promoting dialogue among academics from different backgrounds and cultures, and stimulating further study of the effects of globalization in China. The conference generated a rich set of papers on the implications of globalization for China’s legal regime, cities, heritage, environment, working conditions and concept of citizenship. 中國上市公司產品召回的股東財富效應實證研究 The Impact of Product Recall Announcements on Shareholder Wealth 工商管理學院的研究人員研究產品回收這個夢魘對公司的影響。雖然產品回收對一所 公司長遠股值及聲譽的影響很難量化,然而對股東財富的短期影響則可以估計。過往 這範疇的研究多是審視西方國家的處境,甚少研究中國的股票市場。中大研究人員研 究了二十九款由國內上市公司於二零零二至二零零八年間宣布回收的產品,發現一如之 前的研究顯示,產品回收確會給受影響公司造成負面的異常回報,而中國公司因此所蒙 的經濟損失,亦較美國公司更大。 A research team from the Faculty of Business Administration explored the important area of product recalls, one of a producer’s worst nightmares. Although the long- term damage of product recalls to brand equity and company reputation may be difficult, if not impossible, to quantify, the short-term impact on shareholders’ wealth can be estimated. Several studies have examined this issue in a western context, but little is known about the impact of product recalls on the Chinese stock market. CUHK researchers investigated 29 product recalls announced by Chinese publicly-traded companies between 2002 and 2008, and discovered that product recalls, as previous studies had suggested, resulted in negative abnormal returns to the affected companies, and that Chinese companies suffered greater financial losses than their western counterparts. 批判性思考:測量及課程套設計 Assessment and Construction of a Curriculum Package for Critical Thinking 香港新高中課程強調培養學生批判性思考能力,有見及此,教育心理學系侯傑泰教授、 心理學系顧依麗博士,與香港大學何德芳博士,聯同前美國心理學會會長Prof. Diane Halpern,在研資局和教育局資助下,進行多項相關研究,設計一套切合本港教育需要 的高中學生批判性思考能力測驗,並檢視這能力與其他心理特性的關係。此外,研究人 員亦設計了相關的課程與配套讀物,並比較了不同教學法的效能及優劣。教育局已將 教材套印發至全港中學,研究人員亦培訓了六百多名教師使用該教材套。 Helping students to develop the ability to think critically is one of the main goals of the new senior secondary school curriculum. To develop the necessary teaching materials for this aspect of the curriculum, Prof. Hau Kit-tai of the Department of Educational Psychology and Dr. Kelly Ku of the Department of Psychology, together with Dr. Irene Ho of The University of Hong Kong and Prof. Diane Halpern, former president of the American Psychological Association, conducted a series of studies with funding support from the RGC and the Education Bureau. They designed and evaluated a tool for assessing critical thinking that met local educational needs, and examined how this competence was related to other psychological constructs. They also constructed a critical thinking curriculum and reading package and compared the effectiveness and benefits of different teaching methods. The Education Bureau has printed and distributed the teaching package to all secondary schools in Hong Kong, and the research team has trained over 600 teachers in using the package. 教育學院 Faculty of Education