Bulletin Vol. 1 No. 5 Nov 1964

to Shanghai to rescue and give aid to A llied prison­ ers and internees held in Japanese prison camps. He also functioned temporarily as Theater Head quarters representative in public relations w ith that city from August to December, 1945 and was award ed many decorations fo r his services. From 1952 to 1954, M r. Schoyer was the re presentative of Yale-in-China in Hong Kong. He supervised a relief programme fo r Yale-in-China graduates and conducted negotiations w ith New Asia College and British Government authorities in setting up co-operative programmes between New Asia and Yale-in-China. From 1959 till July this year, he was the Comptroller and Yale-in-China representa tive fo r New Asia. M r. Schoyer is also the President o f the Univer sities Service Centre in Hong Kong and Special As sistant to the Vice-Chanceiior of the University. He has written a number of novels, mostly deal ing with China and the Chinese: The Forei gners (1 9 4 2 ); The I nde f i ni t e R i v e r ( 1947); The R i n g i ng o f the Glass ( 1950) ; and The T y pho on ' s E y e (1959 ). M r. Schoyer is married and has two daughters. He is now the Acting President of New Asia in the absence o f Dr. On Tsuin-chen. COLLEGE DEANS OF FACULTIES D r . Da n i e l Y. Chung, N e w A s i a College, Dr. Chang, born in Kiangtu, Kiangsu , graduated from National Southeastern University in 1927 with a B.Sc. degree and taught in National Central U n i versity. He left China to study in the Institute de Chemie Universite Lyon, France, and got his D.Sc. degree in 1935. On his return, he taught in. various Chinese universities and institutes, including the National Szechuan University, the National Central Polytechnic College, the Ordnance Engineering Col lege, and the National Taiwan University. Dr. Chang was awarded a scholarship in Natural Science by the m inistry of Education of China in 1956, and elected a member of the American Asso ciation of Science Teachers in 1961. His publications are: Re che rc he r sur les di magnesi ens a r omat i ques ; On the Synthesis o f Oc tah y d r o t e r ph en y I De r i va t i ve s by G r i g n a r d Reac t i on ; Re a c t i on o f Di sod i os u cc ino su c c in ic Est er w i t h Ha l ogen Compound s . I. Reac t ion w i t h l o doa c e t i c Est er; L i t h i u m A r y l s . Pr epar at ion o f p - C y c l oh e x e n y - ph en y l l i t h i um by Ha l o g en l i t h i um I n t e r con ve rs i on Re a c t i on ; Rea c t i on o f Di sodi osu cci no si iscc ini c Es ter w i t h Ha logen C o m pounds. F u r t h e r No t e s on the Reac ti on w i t h lodoa ce ti c Es ter ; l i t h i u m A ryls. P r epar at ion o f p-Lit hi obenzcd -deh yde -di et hy l- acet al by D i r e c t Me t a l l a t i o n and Ha l og en - l i t h i um I n t e r c o n version; Reac t ion o f D i sod i o s u c ci nosusccinic Est er w i t h Ha logen Compound s . Reac ti on Bet ween E t h y l r - B r omo c r o t o n a te and E t h y l D i s od i o s u ccino-su ccinate; A No t e on the Rea c t ion o f Ac e t oac et i c Es t er w i t h Sod i um I od i d e ; and F u r t h e r Not es on the De c ompo s i t i o n o f Acet oacet i c Es t er in the Presence o f Sod i um I odi de. D r . H s o n - M o u Chang, Ch un g C h i College Dr. Chang was born and educated in Shanghai. A fte r receiving his B. S. degree in Chemistry with distinction at the University of Shanghai, he went on fo r graduate study at Iowa State University, U.S.A. on a teaching fellowship and received his M. S. & Ph. D. there working on research problems related to fractional distillation and chromatographic adsorp tion. 7