Bulletin Vol. 2 No. 4 Nov 1965

T H E C H I N E S E U N I V E R S I T YO FH O N G K O N G T H E U N I V E R S I T BULLETIN V O L U M E T W O • N O V E M B E R 1 9 6 5 • N U M B E R C O N T E N T S Page The Fourth Congregation , 1 The Long and Arduous Road 1 The N e w Pro-Vice-Chancellor 4 Members of the Senate, 1965/66 4 Senate Committees 1965/66 5 Directors of Boards of Studies 1965/66 .. . 5 Amendments of the Ordinance and Statutes 6 Shell Scholarship For Post-graduate Studies 6 Student Enrolment 7 Visiting Professor of Journalism 8 Lecturers 8 College Administrative Staff 1 0 N e w Staff of School of Education 1 1 N e w University Staff 1 2 Annual Report o n the Commonwealth Scholarship Fellowship Plan 1 2 TH E FOURT H CONGREGATIO N The Fourth Congregation o f th e University wa s held in th e City Hall in th e afternoon o f the 15th of October, 1965 where degrees an d diplomas were conferred by the Chancellor H.E. the Governor, Sir David Trench, to the Second Graduation Class of the University. The brief an d solemn Ceremony wa s witnessed b y more than a thousand invited guests an d family members and friends o f th e graduates an d diplomates. During th e Ceremony, music wa s provided b y th e Police Band o f Hong Kong. Th e Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Choh-Ming Li, gave the Graduation Address (see following text) in Mandarin. The total number o f candidates sat for th e Degree Examination wa s 305,and 25 1 (82.29%) passed their Degree Examination and 46 (15.08%) passed the Diploma Examination. A m o ng th e graduates an d diplomates, 11 2 were in the Faculty o f Arts, 7 8 in Science an d 10 7 in Social Science. Their majors were a s follows: Chinese Literature (72), English Literature (15),History (15), Philosophy (2),Religious Knowledge (1),Mathematics (7),Physics (22), Chemistry (23),Botany (25), Zoology (1),Business Administration (16),Accounting an d Finance (7),Geography (14), Sociology (49),Social Work (15) an d Economics (6) . Of th e total graduates an d diplomates, 18 5 were males an d 112 females. A graduation dinner was given by the Vice-Chancellor in the City Hall Restaurant that evening. Th e dinner was attended b y H.E. th e Governor, Lady Trench, members o f the Council an d their spouses, members of College Boards of Governors an d their spouses an d senior teaching staff. During th e dinner, th e Vice-Chancellor proposed toasts to He r Majesty, th e Queen, an d the graduation class. T w o representatives o f th e graduation class, Mr. Poon Wah-tung o f N e w Asia College an d Miss Rose Lin of Chung Chi College responded in Mandarin and English respectively. The dinner ended at 10:30 p.m. TH E LON G AN D ARDUOU S The Vice-Chancellor's Speech at the Fourth Congregation L et me first of all take this opportunity to congratu all th e graduates fo r having completed th e University requirements fo r Bachelor's degrees. Th e road ha s been long an d arduous. Your final degree examinations were conducted with external examiners, many of w h o m are outstanding scholars in the United States, the United Kingdom, and other Commonwealth universities. Your successful effort ha s no w been properly rewarded with University degrees o r University diplomas.