Bulletin Vol. 3 No. 2 Sep 1966

I n Chinese History, M r . Chang Teh-chang is doing research on Li Tz'u-ming—the Man and his Views on Modernization and Foreign Religions of China in the years 1863-89. T h e Geographical Researc h Centre is now pursuing a programme o f research on Chinese Geography, Research data an d reference material are being collected, base maps are being prepared, and many papers on Chinese Cultural Geograph y have been completed. I n the field of linguistics studies, Professor Chou Fa-kao has written about 300,000 words on his Study on the Fan ch'ieh in Hsiian-yin's Yi-ch'ieh-ching-yin-i (玄應一切經音義反切考). S t u d y on the Swatow Dialect by Miss L i n Lien-hsien, Associate Lecturer of Chinese Language and Literatur e of Chung Chi College, is expected to be completed in June next year. Further, Textual Criticism of Wang Jen-hsiis Chien-yun ( 唐寫全 本仁晌刊謬補缺切韻校箋) b y M r . L u ng Yu-chun, Lecturer of Chinese Language and Literature of Chung Chi College, is near completion. A plan is under way to have D r . Chao Yuan-ren's A Grammar of Spoken Chinese translated into Chinese by Mr s. Beverly Hu ng Fincher. Meanwhile, Language Reform in Mainland China by M r . Chao L i n , Associate Lecturer of English Language and Literature of Un i t ed College, is expected to be published early next year. I n the field of social studies, M r . Hu Chia-chien, Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Un i t ed College, is conducting a study on the Kai Fong Welfare Associations in Ho ng Kong. The project is to make a comprehensive, comparative and analytical study of these organizations and to make concrete recommendations for their future improvement. T h e Mass Communication s Centre, supported by The Asia Foundation , has gone into research on Drama as a Mass Communicaton Medium in Mainland China and on the Process of Typesetting for Chinese-Language Newspapers. Since the last academic year, fourteen research projects are conducted within the Institute of Science and Technology. Amo ng them two have been published recently , one is ready for publication, while others are well under way. The titles of these projects are: — (1) Ma ny Body Problem & Application of Functional Analysis to Physics. (2) L i g ht Interaction s in Dielectrics: Crystals ( ADP, AI 2 O 3 , T i 0 2 . . . . . . ) and Optically Transparent Magnetic Glass. (3) Studies on Plasma Diagnostics (4) Cleavage of β -Ketonic Esters by the Action of Metal Iodides I. The Reactions w i th Acetoacetic Ester and its Mo no and D i me t h yl Derivatives (published) (5) Cation Exchange Equilibria (6) Application of Radioisotope Tracer to Chemical Problems (7) Energy Transfer in Molecules (8) Estimation o f Pb , Cu and Hg in Urine (9) Methanolysis of some Para-monosubstituted Fluorobenzenes (10) A) T he Synthesis of Naphthoquinones (near completion) B) T he Chemical Constituents of Fruit of Sterculia Ranceolata (11) Ho ng K o ng Penicillia (12) Studies on the Flatfishes (Pleuronectix formes or Heterosomata) i n the Adjacent Waters of Ho ng Ko ng (13) A) Morphological Characteristics of Volvariella Volvacea (published) B) T he Spore of Volvariella Volvacea (14) Effect o f p H on Oxygen Equ i l i b r i um Curves in Asiatic Horse-shoe Crab s Tachypleus Tridentatus RECENT DEVELOPMENT I N SOCIAL SURVEY RESEARCH CENTRE I n February, 1966, the University created the Social Survey Research Centre in order to serve as a research outlet for the University faculty, to provide training opportunities for students and staff, and to conduct both basic and applied research on the Ho ng K o ng population, as wel l as on Overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia. I n addition to the research and training services that are being provided the University and the community in Ho ng Kong , this new centre is also prepared to assist scholars in other countries who wish to conduct bona fide academic studies in Ho ng Kong. Established w i th a grant f r om the Ford Foundation and w i th the cooperation o f the Survey Research Centre and the Centre for Chinese Studies of the University of California, Berkeley, the Social Survey Research Centre is now developing its sampling, interviewing, dataprocessing, and other methodological and technical resources in the course of several major studies, including: 1. The Hong Kong Urban Family Life Study: this is the first majo r basic social science study of the Ho ng K o ng population. Sponsore d by a grant from the Government Lottery Fund , this two and one-half year project w i ll be investigating the social welfare implications arising f r om th e rapid industrialization and urbanization of th e community. Special but not exclusive consideration in this study w i ll be given to changes which have occurred in the Chinese family and in patterns of economic interdependency. 2. The Needs of Hong Kong Industry for Higher Level Manpower: sponsored by the Government's Special Committee on Higher Education, this study is collecting organizational chart s and related information f r om manufacturing firm s which employ 200 or more 6