Bulletin Vol. 3 No. 5 Dec 1966

SUBJECT PANELS OF EXAMINERS FOR THE MATRICULATION EXAMINATION T h e following Subject Panels of Examiners has been approved by the Matriculation Board for the Matri- culation Examination, 1967: Chinese Language and Literature Prof. Chou Fa-kao (Chairman) Mr. Chen Kwan (Education Department, Hong Kong Government) Mr. Chung Ying-mei (Chung Chi College) Mr. Pan Chung-kwei (New Asia College) Mr. Lee Yim (United College) English Language and Literature Prof. B. Hensman (Chairman) Miss Lilian Ng (E.D.) Dr. A.R.B. Etherton (C.C.) Mr. T imothy Light (N.A.) Dr. Jennie Huie (U.C.) Chinese History Prof. Mou Jun-sun (Chairman) Dr. C J . Su (E.D.) Mr. Wong Fook-luen (C.C.) Mr. Sun Kwok-tung (N.A.) Mr. Lee Din-yi (U.C.) History Prof. Mou Jun-sun (Chairman) Mr. K.S. Yeung (E.D.) Dr. George H.C. Wong (C.C.) Mr. Wang Teh-chao (N.A.) Mr. Chang Chi-shui (U.C.) Geography Prof. Chen Cheng-siang (Chairman) Mrs. J. So (E.D.) Mr. Liang Chi-sen (C.C.) Mr. Yen Keng-wang (N.A.) Mrs. Fong Lee Mo-kwan (U.C.) Biology Dr. Liu Fah-hsuen (Chairman) Mr. John T am (E.D.) Dr. Samuel C.K. Chan (C.C.) Dr. Chao Chuan-ying (N.A.) Chemistry Prof. Joseph Fu (Chairman) Mr. Paul Lui (E.D.) Dr. Chau Yiu-kee (C.C.) Dr. Daniel Y. Chang (N.A.) Dr. Ma Lin (U.C.) Physics Prof. Hsu Bay-sung (Chairman) Mr. Chong Hon-yue (E.D.) Dr. Li Seung-ping (C.C.) Mr. Su Lin-kuan (N.A.) Dr. S.C. Loh (U.C.) Fine Arts Prof. Tang Chun-i (Chairman) (in his absence, Prof. P. Wienpahl) Mr. Lee Kwok -leung (E.D.) Dr. Philip Shen (C.C.) Mr. Yu Chun-chih (N.A.) Mathematics Prof. Vernon Kramer (Chairman) Mr. Kwok Wai-man (E.D.) Mr. Tse Lan-on (C.C.) Miss Wang Tsing-yong (N.A.) Dr. S.T. Tsou ‘ (U.C.) GIFT FROM READER'S DIGEST M r . T .C . Cheng, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the Uni versity and Director of the Department of Extramural Studies, received a cheque for U S $2,500 from Miss Lin T ai-Yi, Editor of the Chinese Edition of the Reader's Digest, on December 12, 1966. T h e cheque was donated by the Reader's Digest to the University to be used partly for scholarships and partly as a loan fund for the benefit of those attending an advanced translation course organized by the Un i versity's Extramural Studies Department. T h e donation indicates a public recognition of the importance of the translation course, and provides a great help and an encouragement to the students taking the course. T h e Advanced Translation Course will start in January. 2