Bulletin Vol. 4 No. 1 Oct 1967

Cand. No. Name Major Subject Minor Subject 266 K A O Ma i - Ch i n g, M . ( F ) Fine Arts Chinese Literature 39 C H O I Ma n - Du en Ma t h. Physics 300 L O Kwo k - Ch oi Ma t h. Physics 4 C H A K K i - Ch u en Physics Ma t h. 34 C H E U N G Sik-Chuen(F) Physics Ma t h. 86 L A I H o n - M i ng Physics Ma t h. 160 SZE Siu-Cheong Physics Ma t h. 107 L E E Shuet-Hing (F) Chemistry Botany 113 L E E Y u n - Ko Chemistry Physics 174 T S U I S i o -M i ng, F. Chemistry Physics 182 W O N G K am - H an Chemistry Physics 370 Y I P K i n - F ai Chemistry Physics 390 C H A N W i n g - Kw o ng Chemistry Physics 450 L E U N G Pak-Tong Chemistry Physics 20 C H A N Y u k - S im (F) Botany Zoology 196 W U K i n g - Du an (F) Botany Zoology 224 C H A N T s o - Yu Botany Zoology 241 C H U Ch o - Yam Botany Zoology 21 C H A N G Chen-Ping, H. Zoology Botany 69 H O Y u i - T i m Zoology Botany 154 SHUM Kwok-Leung Zoology Botany 225 C H A N Wa l l - Kay Business Manag. Accounting & Finance 265 K A M Ch a i - M i ng Business Manag. Accounting & Finance 274 K W O N G Shee-Shiu Business Manag. Accounting & Finance 280 L A U Ho - F uk Business Manag. Accounting & Finance 286 L E E Sh i n g - K it Business Manag. Accounting & Finance 297 L I N Yan-Sun Business Manag. Accounting & Finance 355 W O N G Kwo k - Cheong Business Manag. Accounting & Finance 356 W O N G Lee-Sun Business Manag. Accounting & Finance 373 Y U Pu i - L ai Business Manag. Accounting & Finance 440 L E E K am - H on Business Manag. Economics 45 C H U Sai-Wah (F) Accounting & Finance Business Management 233 C H E N G W a n - K i m (F) Accounting & Finance Business Management 255 F U N G K i t - Ch i ng (F) Accounting & Finance Business Management 345 T U N G Ka r - Che Accounting & Finance Economics 354 W O N G K i e - A nn Accounting & Finance Business Management 37 C H I N Yu e n - Kwo ng Economics Business Management 226 C H A N Wa i - Ch u ng Economics Accounting & Finance 405 C H OW T u n g - L e u ng Economics Accounting & Finance 451 L E U N G Wa i - S im (F) Economics Accounting & Finance 7 C H A N Ch u n -Wah Social Wo rk Sociology Cand. No. Name Major Subject Minor Subject 43 C H OW Chun - Chow Social Wo rk Sociology 103 L E E Po-Ling, G. (F) Social Wo rk Sociology 118 L E U N G L a i - Ch un (F) Social Wo rk Sociology 426 K W O K Sh i u - Kwai (F) Social Wo rk Sociology 122 L E U N G Wai-Chong(F) Sociology Chinese Literature 150 P OON K w o k - K ui Sociology Business Management 177 W O N G Chee-Ham Sociology Economics 360 W O N G Shu-Fat Sociology Philosophy 377 Y U E N Po-Lan, J. (F) Sociology Economics 406 C H U N G Ch u i - K i n g ( F) Sociology Economics 495 W O N G Y a u - Kwok Sociology Economics 315 M E I Foon, Joseph Journalism Sociology COLLEGE OR I ENTAT ION PROGRAMMES Chung Chi College provided orientation for its new students in a 3-day Programme starting on 20 September, which included talks by President C . T. Yung, M r . C.F. Teng, Chairman of the Student Orientation Programme Committee, D r. H . C. L u , Director of Student Counselling, M r . L y on Y. Lee, Acting Registrar, Rev. W . H . Tonge, Chaplain, and D r . Philip Shen, Secretary of the General Education Committee. Un i t ed College devoted a whole week to the orientation of its freshmen this year. The Programme began on 19 September w i th an “ A t - H o m e ” g i v en by the College Student Un i on to the newcomers, who took part in a variety of games, sports, a dramatic performance and dances. On the following day the freshmen attended an Orientation Assembly in the College Hall. In his speech of welcome, President T . C . Cheng outlined the College education policy, exhorted the students to develop an all-round personality, and ended his address by introducing the Professors, Readers, Deans of Faculties and Heads of Departments. After tea on the campus, the students broke up by departments and attended talks by their respective Heads. T h e last three days of the week the new students of each Faculty toured the College L i b r a r y. T he Librarian gave talks on library regulations and procedures. * * * * The Opening Ceremony of New Asia College for the first term of the academic year 1967-68 was held on 25 September. I t was presided over by President T . C. Ou, who introduced D r . Francis Hu t c h i n s , n ew Representative of the Yale-in-China Association in the College. M r . Wang Chi, Registrar, presented the new administrative and teaching staff, and reported on academic affairs. M r . Tao Chen-yu, Dean of Students, and M r . C . L. Yuan, Comptroller, also gave their reports. 2