Bulletin Vol. 4 No. 6 Mar 1968

The Calendar w ill provide 24 to 28 net teaching weeks excluding the examination period in both terms. This w ill go a long way to help those who have to plan inter-collegiate and collegiate classes. It is also the result o f consulting both the teaching and administrative staff representatives. VISITOR TO THE UNIVERSITY Mr. J. Mangold, Bursar of the University of Sussex, visited the University from 22nd February to 4th March, under the sponsorship of the Inter- University Council fo r Higher Education Overseas. During his stay M r. Mangold had discussions w ith M r. Paul Lam, University Buildings Officer, in connection with the building programme at Shatin. Views were exchanged between him and the Vice-Chancellor on the functions of a Buildings Officer. He also attended a committee meeting of the University Grants Committee on 23rd February. Mr. Mangold also visited the three Colleges and exchanged views on their building programmes. Before his departure, M r. Mangold called on the University of Hong Kong. UNIVERSITY LECTURES AND TALKS A t the invitation of the University, Professor Samuel Devons, F.R.S., gave a lecture on ‘‘Biology and the Physical Sciences" at the Rotunda of New Asia College on 19th February to the faculty of the University and members of the Physical Society of Hong Kong. Professor Devons was formerly Professor of Physics at Imperial College of Science and Tech nology, University of London, and Langsworthy Professor of Physics and Director of Physical Laboratories, University of Manchester, England, and Chairman of the Department of Physics, Columbia University from 1963 to 1967. M r. Geoffrey Archer, Executive D irector of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, spoke to final-year students of the University on “ Opportunities in Business" on 21st February at the City Hall. The talk was followed by mock interviews with students of the Lingnan Institute of Business Adm inistration of the University by Professor Maurice Moonitz, Director of the Institute. M r. Archer followed up with an evaluation of the interviews, to draw the students’ attention to certain practical aspects of an interview fo r employment. T his meeting is one of a series arranged by the Appointments Workshop Committee of the University’ set up fo r the express purpose of giving guidance to final year students on their performance at interviews. A public lecture, co-sponsored by the British Council and the Extramural Department of the University, was given by M r. Ian McLachlan, Head of the Department of European Language and Literature, University of Hong Kong, on 23rd February at the C ity Hall. M r. McLachlan spoke on “ C. Day Lewis: Poet or Poet Laureate?" STAFF PROFILES Professor David H. Li, Visiting Professor, Lingnan Institute of Business Administration. 授 敎 甫 祥 李 Professor David H. Li Professor David H. L i was born in Ningpo, Chekiang, and received his secondary education from the Lester School of the Henry Lester Institute of Technology in Shanghai. Upon receiving his A .B. degree in Economics from the St. John's University in 1949, he visited Hong Kong on his — 2 —