Bulletin Vol. 6 No. 5 Mar–Apr 1970

T H E C H I N E S E U N I V E R S I T Y O F H O N G K O N G T H E U N I V E R S I T Y BULLETIN V O L U M E S IX M A R C H - A P R IL 1970 N U M B ER F I V E C O N T E N TS Page New Facilities for United College . . 1 Vice-Chancellor attends Inauguration of President of University of Hawai i 2 Public Lectures given by Wo r ld History Consultants 4 Gifts to the University 5 Registrar speaks at C U HK Students Ballot Counting Ceremony . . . 5 Seminars of The Comparative and 6 International Education Society . . Personalia 7 Staff Profiles 7 Comings and Goings 8 College News 9 N e w Fac i l i t i es f o r U n i t ed Co l l ege United College was founded in 1956 by the amalgamation of five post-secondary college s which combined their resources in order to provide a more efficient system of higher education for both refugee and local students. When The Chinese University of Hong Kong was formed in 1963 , it became one of the three Foundation Colleges of the University. F r om inception, United College has been faced with the problem of accommodation. A t present, the College is housed in various buildings leased f r om the Hong Kong Government, located on Bonham Road, H i gh Street and Cain e Lane in the western part of Hong Kong Island. The premises on Bonham Road were acquired in 1962 and presently house the main administrative offices, the Library, lecture rooms an d staff offices of the Faculty of Arts, a 40-booth Language Laboratory, the College Hall and the Student Union. I n 1964, a part of the Pathologica l Institute Building on Caine Lane was rented to provide space for science laboratories. These facilitie s were augmented two years later b y the acquisition of the former Disinfecting Station on Caine Lane for use as additional laboratories, lecture rooms and staff offices of the Faculty of Science. I n January 1969 , a Government building on H i gh Street was obtained t o provide space for the Bursar's Office, more lecture rooms and staff offices for the Faculty of Commerce and Social Science. This building was made available as a substitute for the premises previously occupied by the College on Eastern Street which the Government demolished in connection w i th the erection of a hospital. The vexing problem of accommodation which the College has faced in th e past w i ll soon dissipate . The Master Development Plan for the 333-acre site of The Chinese University near Shatin in the New Territories includes the construction of a comple x of new buildings fo r United College on a plateau at the top of a mountain 460 feet above sea level. Construction of these buildings is scheduled to start in mid-summer with completion projected not later than August 1971. This will enable all activities of the College t o be re-located next year during the summer vacation period and permit full-scale operation on the new campus by the start of academic year 1971/72. Included in the United College building programme are the following projects: