Bulletin Vol. 7 No. 5 Jan 1971

• A t the invitation of the Economics Department of New Asia College, Prof. E.M. Hoover of Pittsburgh University gave a talk on 4th December, 1970 on “Ur ban Economic Problems in America". • Mr. John Rear, Lecturer of the Department of Law, University of Hong Kong, was invited to speak at Chung Chi College Assembly on 4th December, 1970 on "Individual Freedom and the Rule of Law ". • A t the invitation of the Sociology Departmen t of New Asia College, Dr. Chung Chi-yung, Dean of the Faculty of Arts of Hong Kong Baptist College, gave a talk on “Juvenile Delinquency in Hong Kong" on 4th December, 1970. • Prof. Bruce Glassburner, Director of the University of California Study Centre in Hong Kong, gave a talk on 7th December, 1970 to Economics students of United College on "The Economic Development of Indonesia—after Sukarno Period". • New Asia College held its 115th Monthl y Assembly on 11th December, 1970 at which Dr. Mun Kin-chok, Lecturer in Business Administration of the College, gave a talk on “ A Comparative Study on Developments in Hong Kong and Singapore". • A t a Biology Seminar sponsored by the Department of Biology, Chung Chi College, on 17th December, 1970, Dr. D.P. Huang of Queen Elizabeth Hospital delivered a lecture on "Nasopharyngeal Cancer and the Possible Role of Herpes-type Virus". • Dr. Lee Pui-Leung, Lecturer in Sociology , Chung Chi College, has been invited to be an Associate Editor of the International Review of Sociology. • Mr. P.C. Yao, Deputy Registrar, United College, has been nominated to serve as the College representative on the University Bulletin Editorial Board as from December 1970, in addition to his service as College Correspondent for the Bulletin. • Mr. Yuen Ting-cheuk, Associate Lecturer in Chinese Language and Literature, United College, was conferred the degree of Litt. D. by the Education Ministry of Taiwan on 15th November, 1970. • Mr. John Lam Cho-hon , Assistant Librarian, United College, was elected Chairman of the Hong Kong Library Association for 1971-72 at its 12th Annual General Meeting held on 30th December, 1970. • On 12th December, 1970 the Student Union of New Asia College gave a reception for about sixty student representatives of local middle schools, and, with the help of the related departments of the College , provided them with a general knowledge of the College's history and teaching facilities. • A t an election held on 12th December , 1970 , the Student Union of New Asia College elected Mr. Wong Ka-chu and M r . Ho Wai-hung, Councillor and Vice-Councillor of the 8th Council of the Union respectively. • A t the Annual General Meeting of the United College Student Union held on 17th December, 1970, Mr. Larry So Man-yum, a second-year Sociology major, was elected President. Miss Ho Wai-yu was elected Vice-President. The University Bulletin of The Chinese Un i v e r s i ty of Hong K o ng is published and distributed free by the Un i v e r s i ty Bu l l e t in Ed i t o r i al Board among the Un i v e r s i ty f a c u l ty and staff. Copies are also sent to friends of the Un i v e r s i t y. M E M B E RS OF T H E U N I V E R S I TY B U L L E T IN E D I T O R I AL BOARD : M r . Stephen 0. Soong ( Ch a i r ma n) Mrs. A. E. Adams D r. Francis K . Pan D r. A n d r ew T. Ro y M r. Stephen T. Y. T i o ng M r . P. C. Yao M r . J. C. Y u a n Miss Janet L a i (Secretary) B U L L E T I N S T A F F: E d i t o r — M r . Stephen C. Soong Assistant to the Ed i t or — M r s . Y. Y. Lo COLLEGE CORRESPONDENTS : M r . F a n g Hs in Hou ( Ch u ng Chi College) M r . P. C. Yao ( Un i t ed College) M r . We i Yu-chen ( New Asia College) ADDRESS : The Chinese Un i v e r s i ty of Ho ng K o ng Shatin, New Territories H o ng K o ng Printed by Local Property & Printing Co., Ltd., H.K.