Bulletin Vol. 8 No. 1 Aug 1971

Economics Prof. Anthony M. Tang Vanderbilt University U.S.A. Geography Prof. Kuei-sheng Chang University of Washington Seattle U.S.A. Journalism Prof. Frederick T. C. Yu Columbia University U.S.A. Social Work Dr. Yuen-chi Wu University of Connecticut U.S.A. Sociology Prof. William T. Liu University of Notre Dame U.S.A. Faculty of Science Botany Prof. Peter K. Chen Georgetown University U.S.A. Chemistry Prof. Yang Nien-chu University of Chicago U.S.A. Electronics Prof. J. E. Houldin University of London England Mathematics Prof. Fan Ky University o f California, Santa Barbara U.S.A. Physics Prof. Chien-shiung Wu Columbia University U.S.A. Zoology Prof. M. C. Chang Boston University U.S.A. Postgraduate Examinations Botany Prof. Peter K. Chen Georgetown University U.S.A. Business Administration Prof. Maurice Moonitz University of California, Berkeley U.S.A. Prof. Bi-li Yang National Cheng Chi University Taiwan Chinese History Prof. Li Tien-yi Ohio State University U.S.A. Prof. Kan Lao University o f California, Los Angeles U.S.A. Chinese Language and Literature Prof. Ch'u Wan-li Nanyang University Singapore Education Dr. Tai Chen-hua University o f Singapore Singapore Geography Prof. Paul Wheatley University of London England Philosophy Prof. Wing-tsit Chan Chatham College U.S.A. Zoology Prof. M. C. Chang Boston University U.S.A. The following External Examiners visited Hong Kong this year: Prof. Kuei-sheng Chang, Prof. M. C. Chang, Prof. Ch'u Wan-li, Prof. Li-yue Sheng and Dr. Yuen-chi Wu. New Reg i s t rar The University has appointed Mr. Nelson H. Young as Registrar of the University. Mr. Young began his career in academic administration at the University of Hong Kong in 1956 and became Academic Registrar of United College in 1963. Before taking up his College appointment, he attended the first British Council Course for University Administrators in England i n the summer of 1963, and thereafter made a study tour of American Universities and Colleges on an Asia Foundation grant. He later re-visited England and the United States several times on academic business and in 1968 attended a Special Institute for College and University Deans sponsored by the American Counci l on Education. He became Deputy Registrar of the University in June 1970 and since August last year has been Acting Registrar of the University. - 2 -