Bulletin Vol. 8 No. 2 Sep 1971

residents last year. It is a Division of the American Psychological Association of whic h he is a Council Member. Currently, he is on the Committee on Equality of Opportunity in Psychology. His work on problems of recruiting minority students on behalf of the Committee has provided valuable experiences whic h may prove useful in helping Hong Kong students understand admission procedures for graduate schools. Emerging Trends With Prof. Chin's background and training, it is not difficult to visualize how he can immediatel y plunge right into the current projects withou t causing any discontinuity. According to Prof. Chin, as a result of vigorous and forward-looking efforts of Prof. C.K.Yang, Prof. B. Holzner, Prof. J. Nehnevajsa and Dr. H. Wagatsuma, in planning, funding, guiding and doing research, several trends are starting to emerge. They are: 1. There is an increasing interest in seeing research conducted in and relevant to Hong Kong, illuminate aspects of Chinese society. The explicit focus on the Centre's contributions t o the understanding of Chinese society is proceeding. The intersection of modernity forces with Chinese social patterns makes Hong Kong patterns unique but yet generalizable instances. 2. The ways of making socia l research meaningful in policy issues are taking shape through the Hawker and Hawking studies and in the series of social studies done in private welfare agencies, yet optimism must continually be balanced by being relevant with the conceptual analysis of how social research is acceptable in policy and practitioner activities. 3. The Centre is widening its approaches and methods from sample surveys to case studies, testing of middle range theories and analyti c variables, and to methodological studies (as by- products), while keeping its social relevancy. 4. The hard yet exciting work on conceptualizing more fully the studies is proceeding with elan. Tying in previous social science research is giving the Centre increased leverage. Engaging in some thinking before field activities can produce even more useful studies for both local use and for contributing to social science. 5. The Centre is seeing itself as a place where the development of its participants is concurrent with turning out papers and monographs. Prof. Chin will endeavour to give these trend s a more concrete and meaningful form. Ce r t i f i ca t e Courses offered by EMSD The Department of Extramural Studies of The Chinese University is not only conceived as an arm of the University, but also as an instrument to tak e the pulse of the community and thereby diagnose it s strengths and weaknesses. The progress of the EMSD is, therefore, the reflection of the development of the community itself and is often the fulfilment of its urgent demands. With the tremendous expansion of commerce and industry , the people of Hong Kon g are no longer satisfied with mere assimilation o f knowledge in the usual manner: they want to learn more specialized knowledge in a more sophisticated way. In response to and anticipation of this trend, the EMSD has taken the initiative and designed and offered many courses that will lead to the awarding of certificates to successful candidates. These courses not only satisfy professional and vocational needs, but also have their own intrinsic academic value, as they offer in-depth training by seeking innovation in both teaching material and teaching method. The following list of recent certificate courses presents a facet of the new pattern that has emerged at EMSD of the University: 1. General Banking Administration (In collaboration with Hang Seng Bank Ltd.) 2. Certificate in Three-Dimensional Design 3. Certificate in Graphic Design 4. The Teaching of Modern Mathematics in Secondary Schools (In collaboration with Hong Kong Teachers' Association) 5. Certificate in Basic Systems Analysis (Co-sponsors: Computing Centre, The Chinese University Department of Extramural Studies and The Computing Centre, University of Hong Kong) 6. Certificate in Personnel Management (In collaboration with Hong Kong Management Association) 7. Certificate in Advanced Translation 8. Certificate in Librarianship (In collaboration with Hong Kong Libraries Association) 9. Certificate Course in Music 10. Certificate in Film and TV Studies (Co-sponsors: Cathay Organization (H.K.) (1965) Ltd. Hong Kong Television Broadcasts Ltd. Rediffusion (H.K.) Ltd. Shaw Brothers Hong Kong Ltd.) 11. Hotel Operation (In collaboration with The Hong Kon g Hotels Association) "Certificate in Advanced Translation" and "Certificate in Graphic Design" are the second and "The - 3 -