Bulletin Vol. 8 No. 7 Feb 1972

T H E C H I N E S E U N I V E R S I T Y O F H O N G K O N G T H E U N I V E R S I T Y BULLETIN VOL UME E IGHT FEBRUARY 1972 NUMBE R SEVEN CONTENTS Recent Activities of the Institute of Chinese Studies 1 Vice-Chancellor Opens Exhibition of the Hong Kong Arts Centre . . 3 Registrar's Study Visit on "Educational Technology" 4 Members of the Senate 5 United College Moves to Shatin . . 5 Housing Benefits and Training Opportunities for Members of Staff 6 Personalia 6 Staff Profiles 7 Comings and Goings 7 College News 8 RECENT ACTIVITIES OF THE INSTITUTE OF CHINESE STUDIES Public lectures and exhibitions Housed in a building very well-equipped, modern and at the same time tinged with Chinese tradition, the Institute of Chinese Studies has, since January this year, launched a programme of public lecture s (in Mandarin) and exhibitions. The following is a list of the public lectures: 1. The Trade of Macau after the Middle of the Ming Dynasty Speaker: Mr. Chuan Han-sheng Date: 29th January 2. Chinese Traditional Historiography: Its Decline and Revival Speaker: Prof. Mou Jun-sun Date: 26th February 3. The Financial Role of the Imperial Household in the Ch'ing Dynasty Speaker: Mr. Chang Teh-chang Date: 18th March 4. A Study on the Communication Routes and Military Stations in the Area of Huang River and Upper Reaches of Yellow River in the T'ang Dynasty Speaker: Mr. Yen Keng-wang Date: 25th March 5. T'an Ssu-t'ung and the Late Ch'ing Political Movement Speaker: Mr. Wang Teh-chao Date: 8th April 6. Chinese Linguistics of the 20th Century Speaker: Prof. Chou Fa-kao Date: 15th April 7. The Future Development of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Speaker: Prof. Chiang Yee Date: 20th May Following the inaugural Exhibition of Chinese Art held last September and October in the Art Gallery, three more exhibitions concerning Chinese studies have been under intensive preparation: