Bulletin Vol. 10 No. 2 Sep–Oct 1973

3. Tenth Anniversary Lectures Natural Science: "Galaxies, Nuclear Power and the Energy Crisis" (in English) was delivered on 17th October, 1973 by Prof. C.C. Lin, Institute Professor and Professor of Applied Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Humanities: "Utopia and Reality: The Two Worlds in Red Chamber Dream” (in Mandarin) will be delivered on 12th November, 1973 by Dr. Yu Ying-Shih, President of New Asia College and Professor of Chinese History, Harvard University. Commerce and Social Science: scheduled for early 1974. 4. University Science Centre Open Day The University Science Centre will be open to the public on 16th and 17th November, when there will be demonstrations of experiments and screening of scientific documentaries. The University Student Union will be holding a "Chinese Cultural Festival" from 10th to 18th November, 1973 featuring a variety of activities, and with the concurrence of the University authorities, has designated 17th November, 1973 "Open Day", when the University Library, the Institute of Chinese Studies, the Benjamin Franklin Centre, and the student hostels of the Foundation Colleges will be open to the public. The University has also printed brochures on the Art Gallery, the Benjamin Franklin Centre, the Institute of Chinese Studies, the University Library and the University Science Centre for distribution to friends of the University. NEW PRESIDENT OF NEW ASIA COLLEGE - D R . YU YING-SHIH Dr. Yu Ying-Shih assumed duty as President of New Asia College on 1st August, 1973, succeeding Dr. Y.P. Mei. President Yu will also be Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University for a ter m of two years from 18th October, 1973. Dr. Yu is Professor of Chinese History at Harvard University, now. o n leave to serve as President of New Asia College. Prof. Yu obtained his Ph.D. degree from Harvard and before going to the United States, attended Yenching University and New Asia College (1950-52), and pursued further studies at the New Asia Institute of Advanced Chinese Studies and Research. Prof. Yu was Assistant Professor of Chinese History and Language at the University of Michigan from 1962-66. He took up an Associate Professorship in Chinese History at Harvard University in 1967 and became full Professor in 1970. Major publications o f Prof. Yu include Trade and Expansion in Han China, A Study in the Structure of Sino-barbarian Economic Relations (in English) and Fang I-Chi: His Late Years and His Death (in Chinese). PERSONALIA I. Appointments Faculty of Arts Chinese Mr. Jao Tsung-i Reader Dr. Kwong Kin Hung Lecturer, New Asia 余 英 時 博士 Dr. Yu Ying-Shih - 2 -